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  • yul_airplane_freak
    WOW! Thats some collection you got!

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  • The Flying Dutchman
    This is my 1/400 collection below. I also have some 1/500 models and a mix of large scales and some other 1/400 models which I plan on selling.

    This is my collection of 1/400 models!:

    Aer Lingus B747-100 old colours
    Aer Lingus A330-200
    Aer Lingus A321
    Aeroflot TU-154
    Aeromexico B767-300
    Airborne Express DC-8-60F
    Airbus A300-600ST "Beluga #4"
    Air Canada A319 "Trans Canada livery"
    Air Canada A320 "65th Anniversary livery"
    Air Canada A320 "Toronto Raptors livery"
    Air Canada A340-300
    Air Canada B747-400
    Air Canada B767-300 "Free Spirit livery"
    Air Canada L-1011 old colours
    Air Canada Tango A320
    Air China A340-300
    Air Force One
    Air France B747-400
    Air France B777-200
    Air France A340-300
    Air France Concorde
    Air India B747-400
    Air Jamaica A320
    Air New Zealand B747-400
    Air New Zealand B767-200 old colours
    TAP Air Portugal A340-300
    Air Tahiti Nui A340-300
    Alaska Airlines B737-400 " livery"
    Alitalia B747-100
    Alitalia B747-200 "Bvlgari livery"
    Alitalia A321
    ANA B747-400 "International Pokemon livery 1998"
    ANA B767-300 "Pokemon livery 1999"
    Aloha Airlines B737-700
    American Airlines B777-200
    American Airlines B767-200
    American Airlines B767-300
    American Airlines B757-200 "Retro livery"
    American Airlines B737-800
    American Airlines B737-800 "Astrojet"
    American Eagle ERJ-145
    ATA B757-200 "50th Anniversary livery"
    ATA B737-800
    America West B757-200 "Coast to Coast livery"
    America West B757-200 "Ohio livery"
    America West B757-200 "Nevada livery"
    America West A319
    Ariana Afghan B727
    Ansett Australia B747-300
    Australian B767-300
    Austrian A330-200 "Star Alliance livery"
    Austrian A320 "Star Alliance livery"
    Avianca Colombia B767-300
    BMI British Midland A330-200
    British Airways B777-200 "Union Jack"
    British Airways B777-200 "Canada"
    British Airways B747-400 "Nalanji Dreaming"
    British Airways B747-400 "Wunala Dreaming"
    British Airways B747-400 "Delftblue Daybreak"
    British Airways Concorde "Union Jack"
    British Airways DC-10 "Landor"
    British Caledonian DC-10
    BWIA A340-300
    Caledonian L-1011
    Canada 3000 A320
    Canadian DC-10 "Signatures livery"
    Cargolux B747-400
    Cathay Pacific B747-400
    China Airlines A340-300
    China Airlines Cargo B747-200F
    China Eastern MD-11
    China Southern B777-200
    Condor B767-300
    Continental B777-200
    Continental B767-400
    Continental DC-10 "split Alitalia livery"
    Continental DC-10 "Red Meatball"
    Corsair B747-300 "Sex"
    Delta B777-200
    Delta B767-300 "Widget"
    Dragon Air A320
    Eastern L-1011
    Edelweiss A330-200
    Egypt Air B777-200
    Egypt Air B707-300
    EL AL Israel B747-400
    Emirates B777-300
    Emirates A380
    Emirates A330-200
    Emirates Sky Cargo B747-400F
    FedEx MD-11 "Panda One"
    Finnair MD-11
    Frontier A319 "HummingBirds"
    Frontier A319 "Seal"
    Gulf Air B767-300
    Gulf Air B767-300 "50th Anniversary livery"
    Gemini Air Cargo DC-10F
    Hawaiian B767-300
    Hawaiian DC-10
    IBERIA A340-300
    Icelandair B757-300
    Impulse B717 "Cockatoo livery"
    Iran Air B747SP
    Iraqi Airways B747-200
    Japan Airlines B777-300
    Japan Airlines B747-400 "Disney Express 1"
    Japan Airlines B747-400 "Disney Express 2"
    Japan Airlines B747-400 "Disney Express 3"
    Japan Airlines B747-400 "Disney Express 4"
    Japan Airlines B747-400 "Disney Express 5"
    Japan Airlines B747-300 "Glay Rockband"
    Japan Air System DC-10 "Peter Pan"
    JetBlue A320 "Blue Skies"
    Korean Air B747-400
    Korean Air B777-300
    Kuwait Airways B777-200
    Lan Chile Cargo B767-300
    Lauda Air B777-200
    Lufthansa A340-200 "Star Alliance livery"
    Lufthansa B747-400
    Malaysia B747-400
    Martinair MD-11
    MEA A321
    MEA VC-10
    NASA B747-100SCA with Space Shuttle Columbia"
    North American B737-800
    Northwest Orient DC-10
    Northwest B757-200
    Nortwest Cargo
    PAN AM B727 "Current"
    PAN AM B747-100
    QANTAS B747-300 "Nalanji Dreaming"
    QANTAS A330-200
    Planet Airways B727
    Royal Aviation B757-200
    Royal Brunei B767-300
    KLM DC-8-50
    KLM DC-9 old colours
    KLM DC-10
    KLM MD-11
    KLM B747-400
    KLM A330-200
    KLM Asia B747-400
    Royal Jordanian L-1011
    Sabena A321
    Sabena B747-100 old colours
    Saudi Arabian L-1011
    SAS DC-10
    SAS MD-82 "red airplanes livery"
    SAS MD-82 "blue airplanes livery"
    SAS B747-100 old colours
    Singapore B777-300
    Singapore B747-400 "Tropical"
    Singapore B747-400
    Singapore/British Airways Concorde
    Skyservice A330-300
    South African B747-300 "Nidzani"
    South African B747SP
    Southwest B737-700
    Sri Lankan A330-200
    Sun Country B737-800
    Swissair MD-11 old colours
    Swissair A330-200
    Swiss A330-200
    Thai A330-300 "Royal Barge Livery"
    Thai A300-600
    Thai B777-300
    TWA B747-100 lastest colours
    TWA B747SP
    United B767-200 old colours
    United B767-200
    United B767-300
    U.S. Airways A330-300
    Uzbekistan B767-300
    VARIG B777-200
    VARIG MD-11 "World Cup"
    Virgin Atlantic B747-400
    Virgin Atlantic A340-300
    Virgin Atlantic A340-600
    Virgin Express B737-400
    Western Pacifc B737-300 "The Simpsons"
    WestJet B737-200
    WestJet B737-700

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Here's my collection:

    Delta Air Lines:
    777-200 (OC)
    MD-11 (OC)
    MD-88 (NC)
    767-400 (NC)
    737-800 (NC)

    Alaska Airlines:
    737-400 ( scheme)

    Western Pacific:
    737-300 (Simpsons logojet)

    Western Airlines:

    Airbus Industrie:
    A340-200 (house colors, "The World Ranger" titles)

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  • Avianca 757
    I only have one:

    Avianca 757-200 Retro

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  • yul_airplane_freak
    started a topic Model Plane Collection

    Model Plane Collection

    I was just wondering how many people have a model plane collection?? What planes do you have? Mine is quite small but I intend to get more!

    these are my planes:

    -Air New Zealand 747-400
    -Swissair MD-11
    -Air Transat 757,L1011,A330
    -United Airlines 747-400
    -CRJ (House colors)
    -Iberia A340-300
    -Qantas 747-400

    I also have 2 planes from Herpa. Olympic Airways 747-200 and El Al 747-400

    I really want to add KLM, Alitalia and SAS