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    Just added two more to the collection:

    Eva Air Cargo MD-11F

    Edelweiss A320


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      Model Plane Collection

      Well, I'll go by scale here.

      DL 777 N/C
      DL 767 O/C "The Spirit of Delta"


      DL 777 N/C
      DL MD-11 O/C
      DL L-1011 O/C
      DL DC-8
      ATA L-1011
      Braniff 727 "Calder"


      JAL MD-11
      Air Pacific 742
      AF Comet

      and most importantly, around 200 Herpa planes in 1/500, including
      "Wunala" and "Nalanji Dreaming", AZ "Baci" and that"watch plane", Southwest "Shamu", "California One", "Lonestar One", "New Mexico One", "Silver Thing", "Nevada One" and N/C, WP "The Simpsons", HP "Nevada" and "Ohio", AC "50th" and "65th", Delta Ship 41, their DC-3, and more than 150 other planes...


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        Model Plane Collection

        Ok, here are some picture of my collection:

        Pretty nice, huh?

        Sorry, double post!


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          Model Plane Collection

          Double post


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            This is my collection:

            Malaysia Airlines B747-400/777/A330/Fokker F70
            Air China B747-400/767-200
            KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B747-400/-200/767-200
            TAP Air Portugal A340
            Swissair A310 (in both old and new c/s)
            Swiss International Air Lines A330
            Varig Brasil B737-800 (with winglets)
            AeroMéxico B767-200
            Continental A340-200 (yes, I know they've never had one...)
            Lufthansa A320/A340-300 (Star Alliance c/s)
            American Airlines B777-200
            United B777-200
            SAS Scandinavian B747-200 (old c/s)
            Delta Air Lines MD-11 (old c/s)
            Aerolíneas Argentinas B747-200 (special c/s France 1998 soccer world cup)
            EL AL Israel Airlines B747-400
            Alitalia MD-11/MD-83
            British Airways Concorde
            Air France A340-300/Concorde/A310
            LanChile B767-300
            Iberia DC-10
            Braniff International B747SP
            AirLanka A340-200
            LTU A330
            CSA Czech Airlines B737-300/A310
            TWA A340-200
            Thai B777-200/B747-400
            Lufthansa City Line CRJ
            South African B747-400
            Aeroflot B777-200 (not newest c/s but the new one)
            Mandarin Airlines B747-400
            Ansett B767-200
            Mexicana B727-200
            Kuwait Airways A340-300
            Air Canada B767-200
            Viasa B727-200
            Austrian A320-200
            Philippines A320-200




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              Here's my collection...

              Its bit of an older picture, I have a few more models now


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                NWA 747-400 (new colors)
                NWA 757-300 (new colors)
                SWA 737-700 (old colors)
                People Express 747-200
                Playboy DC-9 (new colors)
                Northwest DC-9-30 (new colors)
                Sun Country 737-800
                Northwest 757-200 (old colors)
                Northwest 757-300 (old colors)
                United 777-200
                ATA 737-800
                Eastern 757-200
                National 757-200
                Jetblue A320
                British Airways 757-200
                British Airways 777-200
                UPS 767-300 (new colors)
                US Airways 737-400
                Southwest 737-300 (old colors)
                Southwest 737-700 (new colors)
                Boeing 777-200 house colors
                Delta 737-800
                Delta 767-400
                Delta 757-200
                Icelandair 757-200
                Northwest DC-10
                United A319
                United 767-300
                Virgin Atlantic A380

                MORE TO COME HOPEFULLY!!!! I JUST ORDERED AN NWA A330, which will by my favorite model by far!


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                  Here's my list
                  BTW, hello yul_airplane_freak! Nice to see you here!

                  Airbus Industries A340-600 F-WWCA DW55277
                  AirCal B737-300 N306AC (Limité à 1500) (Jet-X) JX005
                  Air Canada B747-4F6 C-FGHZ (Team Canada Logo et Mikerian Exclusive) DW55090
                  Air Canada A340-313 C-FYKX (Corporatif) DW55126
                  Air Canada L-1011-385-1 C-FTNA (OC) DW55173
                  Air Canada A319-114 C-FZUH (Trans Canada Air Lines Scheme / 60th Anniversary) DW55189
                  Air Canada Tango A320-211 C- DW55357 DW55341
                  Air Canada B767-38E/ER C-GBZR (Free Spirit et Mikerian Exclusive) DW55357
                  Air Canada A320-211 C-FFWN (Symphony of Voices) DW55462
                  Air Canade A340-541 F-WWTJ DW55562
                  Air France A340-311 F-GLEK (World Cup 9 (Skyclub) 98004
                  Air New-Zealand B767-319ER ZX-NCG (Aragorn – Lord of the Rings) (BigShooter)
                  Alaska Airlines B737-400 N754AS (Limité à 1000) (Jet-X) JX007
                  All Nippon Airways (ANA) B777-200 JA8198 (777 Tail) 61405A
                  American Airlines B777-200 N784AN (Corporatif) DW55301
                  American Airlines B737-823 N909AN DW55445
                  Ansett Australia B727-277 Advanced VH-RMK (Airplane Of Australia - OC) DW55461
                  British Airways B777-236 G-VIIT (Rendez-Vous ) GJBAW257
                  Cargolux B747-428F LX-ICV (Mauvaises lettres) DW55072
                  Carnival Air Lines A300-B4 N222KW DW55276
                  Cathay Pacific B747-267B B-HIB (Spirit of Hong Kong 1997, limité) BB200333
                  China Southern B777-21B B-2055 DW55039
                  Continental Airlines B757-324 N57852 DW55453
                  Delta Airlines B757-232 N6701 (Soaring Spirit) GJDAL076
                  Delta Airlines MD-11 N804DE (NC) DW55062
                  Eva Air Cargo MD-11F N105EV (Limité à 1000) (Jet-X) JX045
                  Federal Express FedEx MD-11F N601FE DW55048
                  Frontier A319-111 N913FR (Hummingbird) DW55564
                  Korean Air A330-323 HL7586 (NC et World Cup 2002) DW55424
                  Korean Air B777-3B5 HL7533 (Official Airline Of The 2002 Asian Games) DW55469
                  Lan Chile Cargo B767-316F/ER CC-CZZ (NC) DW55338
                  Lufthansa Cargo B747-200F D-ABZF (Africa – World Time Connection) DW55075
                  Martinair B767-31A/ER PH-MCL (Fox Kids Livery) (SuperWings)
                  Northwest Orient B747-100 N601US (Limité à 1500) (Jet-X) JX027
                  Pan Am B747-121 N733PA (Clipper Young America et Chrome) DW55459
                  Philippines Airlines A340-211 DW55012
                  Qantas Airways B747-438 VH-OJH (City of Darwin) DW55077C
                  Quebecair B737-296/Adv C-GQBA (Limité à 250, white belly) AC18100
                  Sabena A330-223 OO-SFP (OC) (Tucano Line) DW55399
                  Saudi Arabian Cargo MD-11F HZ-ANA (Limité à 750) (Jet-X) JX089
                  Singapore Airlines B747-412 9V-SMU (1000th Boeing 747) DW55073
                  South African Airways B747-312 ZS-SAJ (Ndizani, South African Olympic Team) DW55400
                  South African Airways B747-444 ZS-SAX DW55086
                  Swissair Asia MD-11 HB-IWN (Tucano Line) DW55271
                  Swiss Intl Airlines MD-11 HB-IWC (NC) (Tucano Line) DW55435
                  TAP Air Portugal A321 CS-TJE (Corporatif) DW55218
                  VARIG Brazil MD-11 PP-VPP (World Cup 1994) (Tucano Line) DW55356
                  VARIG Brazil B777-2Q8 PP-VRA (Tucano Line) DW55415
                  United Airlines B747-422 N188UA (NC - Rush Hour 2 - New LineCinema) DW55429B
                  United Airlines B767-322 N653UA (Star Alliance Livery) DW55436
                  U.S. Air Force KC-10A Extender 30077 (Great White) DW55472


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                    I have a handful of snap-fits, which I surround my computer with.

                    I mostly collect Schabak 1:600's what I have:
                    Delta- M80 (x4), 738 (x2), 757 (x3), 763 (x2), 777 (x2), 733, M11, CRJ (x3), EM2 (x2), BAE-146, L10 (x3), DC-3, 767-200 (1996 Olympics).
                    US Airways- 757 (x2), 733, 320 (x2), 330 (x2), 767, F100, M80 (x2), 737-200 (MetroJet x2)
                    Northwest- 744 (x4), D10 (x3), 330, 757, 320 (x3), 727
                    United- 747SP, 767-200, 757, 737, EM2.
                    American- M80, 767-200, 757 (x2), M11, ATR-42 & -72, CV-440 (x2).
                    Continental- 727, 757, 777
                    Southwest- 737-300 (x2)
                    America West- 757 (Ohio)
                    Pan Am- A300, A310, 727, 747 (2 of each)
                    Eastern- L10
                    ATA- 727, 757 (x2), L10
                    British Airways- 767-300, 777 (UK), 747-400 (China), Concorde
                    TWA- 747, 767
                    Hawaiian- L10
                    Alaska- 734
                    Piedmont- F28, 727, 737, 767
                    Air Canada- 340, 747-400, A319, CRJ
                    Canadian- 747-400
                    Scanair- DC-10
                    SAS- A340
                    Virgin- A340
                    Finnair- M11
                    Aeroflot- 777, IL-96
                    Saudi- 777
                    Balair- A310
                    CSA Czech- A310
                    Gulf Air- A340
                    Austrian Airways- A340
                    Corsair- 747-100
                    Lufthansa- A340, F50, RJ-85
                    Varig- M11 (OC)
                    LTU- L10
                    Caledonian- L10
                    Air New Zealand- 747-400
                    Singapore- 747-400, 707
                    Avianca- 767-200
                    Iberia- A340
                    Surinam Airways- 747-300
                    Air France- 777, A340, ATR-42, Concorde
                    South African- 747-400
                    Air Jamaica- A310, A340
                    Alitalia- 742, M11
                    Eurowings- A319, BAE-146
                    KLM- 767, 747-300
                    Air China- 747-400
                    NW Cargo- 747
                    LH Cargo- 747
                    FedEx- M11
                    DHL- 727
                    Condor- 707
                    BMI- A330
                    Mandarin Airways- M11

                    On backorder- JAL 747-400, DL 777 (NC)

                    I can post pictures of my "airport" if you guys want.....the end result of not using a dining room in 10 years.




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                      I (soon) have a collection of schabak 1/600 model planes
                      My step-father will give it away to me, aint I lucky?

                      THAI : B737-A300-MD11-B744
                      LUFTHANSA : B737-A343-MD11-B744
                      SAS : B736-B738-B763-A343
                      VARIG : MD11-B772
                      TURKISH :A343
                      BA: B744-B763
                      UA : B763 and 1 1/400 in OLD star alliance

                      that's it !
                      Inactive from May 1 2009.


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                        my collection

                        my 1:400 collection

                        continental 777
                        ba hong kong tail 777
                        ba union jack tail 777
                        lufthansa a380
                        v. atlantic a340-600
                        v. atlantic a340-300
                        korean 777-300
                        air france 747-400

                        still have loads more to collect, dying to get a klm 777 if anyone knows where to get one please say


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                          I'll go by scale, too:


                          1. Boeing 747-400 Canadi>n Airlines "Maxwell W. Ward"
                          2. Boeing 747-400 Cathay Pacific Airways
                          3. Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa "Star Alliance"
                          4. Boeing 747-400 Qantas "Wunala Dreaimng"

                          If only they came up with a 747-400 from Africa!


                          01. Lockheed L-1011 Delta Air Lines "Widget"
                          02. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Delta Air Lines interim c/s
                          03. Boeing 777-200 Delta Air Lines "Deltaflot"

                          04. Boeing 767-300 TransBrasil
                          05. Boeing 767-200 TransBrasil "Orange"

                          06. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Varig Brasil "Worldcup"
                          07. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Varig Brasil
                          08. Boeing 777-200 Varig Brasil

                          09. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 VASP
                          10. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 VASP "500 Years"

                          11. Airbus A330-200 TAM

                          12. Boeing 767-300 LanChile
                          13. Boeing 767-300F LanChile Cargo
                          14. Airbus A340-300 LanChile

                          15. Junkers Ju-52 Lufthansa
                          16. Lockheed "Super Star" Lufthansa
                          17. Canadair Jet Lufthansa CityLine "Little Europe"
                          18. Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa "Star Alliance"
                          19. Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa "Flynet"
                          20. Airbus A340-200 Lufthansa "Star Alliance"
                          21. Airbus A340-300 Lufthansa "Gander/Halifax"
                          22. Airbus A310-300 Lufthansa
                          23. Boeing 747-200F Lufthansa Cargo "WOW"

                          24. Airbus A319 Air Canada "Trans Canada Airlines"
                          25. Airbus A320 Air Canada "Symphony of Voices"
                          26. Airbus A330-300 Air Canada

                          27. Boeing 757-200 United Airlines

                          28. Boeing 767-200 American Airlines
                          29. Boeing 757-200 American Airlines "Lightning Bolt" chrome
                          30. Boeing 737-800 American Airlines "Astrojet" chrome

                          31. Airbus A310-300 Royal Jordanian

                          32. Boeing 767-300 Vietnam Airlines

                          33. Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde British Airways "Union Flag"
                          34. Boeing 777-200 British Airways Landor c/s

                          35. Boeing 737-300 Southwest Airlines "Shamu"

                          36. McDonnell Douglas MD-87 SAS old livery
                          37. Boeing 767-300 SAS old livery

                          38. Boeing 747-400 KLM Asia

                          39. Boeing 747-200 Cathay Pacific Airways "The Spirit of Hong Kong"
                          40. Boeing 747-400 Cathay Pacific Airways "The Spirit of Hong Kong Millennium Edition"

                          41. Boeing 777-300 Emirates Airlines

                          42. Boeing 777-300 Boeing House Colours

                          43. Airbus A340-600 Airbus House Colours

                          44. Boeing 747-400 Thai Airways "Royal Barge"

                          45. DHC-8 Horizon Air

                          46. ATR-72 Air Dolomiti

                          47. ATR-42 Air Bosna

                          48. Fokker 70 Malév

                          49. Boeing B&W Boeing Milestone Series
                          50. Douglas DC-3 Boeing Milestone Series
                          51. Boeing 707-300 Boeing Milestone Series

                          Let me ask you one question: Does anyone really bother to read through all these lists?


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                            The area I live in nowadays is so small that mine are limited to aircraft I flew. Due to space limitations, they are in their boxes !!!
                            707-Air France
                            .......Pan Am
                            L.1011-500. Royal Jordanian
                            747-400. Air China
                            340-300. China Eastern
                            MD.11 ... China Eastern
                            Snap&fit models (positively no Woosters)
                            -A310, Martinair Holland
                            -A320, Air Inter, Lufthansa
                            -A330-300, Air Inter (last c/s)
                            -727, Air France, Iberia, American, United, Delta, Pan Am
                            -733, Delta (Landor Associates '97 livery)
                            -747, UTA, Air Canada.
                            -744, Korean Air, All Nippon
                            -757, Iberia, US Airways, British Airways x2 (1 in c/s1 other c/s2) Delta
                            -767s, British Airways (c/s2), Delta, Air Canada
                            -772 , Air France, British Airways (c/s2), United, Delta ('97 c/s)
                            Bac111 , British Island Airways
                            BAe146 , Air Uk, Meridiana
                            DC.10, Cal Air, Continental (red meatball)
                            Fokker 50, KLM CityHopper c/s1
                            L.1011, Air Canada
                            MD.11, Korean, Delta, Varig (previous c/s), Swissair (last c/s)
                            MD.80, AOM, AirLiberté
                            Stored at my parent's house down south
                            are desktop models, otherwise I would have to sleep under some tables
                            Air Afrique ........... DC.8-50, DC.10-30 (in their respective c/s at time of service entry) and 74F (exception confirming the rule !)
                            Air France ............ 727-200 in original shark tail c/s, A.300B.
                            Air Gabon .............F-28, 737-200, 747-200
                            Cameroon Airlines, 737-200 and 707
                            Kenya Airways ..... 707
                            UTA .................... DC-8 (c/s1) and DC.10 (c/s2)
                            Will review the content of this large mover carton box before decreeing the list as definite.
                            Thanks for visiting
                            *Avimage's Monthly Slide list *


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                              I love Hasegawa 1/200 models since my childhood and they are quite detailed. Here is my list of Hasegawa (with modified liveries):

                              Airbus A300-B4-200 - Thai Airways International
                              Airbus A300-B4-200 - Singapore Airlines
                              McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 - Malaysia Airlines
                              Boeing 727-200 Adv - Singapore Airlines
                              Boeing 737-200 Adv - Malaysia Airlines, old C/S
                              Boeing 737-400 - Malaysia Airlines
                              Boeing 747-400D - Japan Airlines, new C/S
                              Boeing 747-400 - Singapore Airlines, Megatop
                              Boeing 747-300 - Malaysia Airlines
                              Boeing 747-200 - Singapore Airlines, old C/S
                              Boeing 767-300 - Qantas
                              Boeing 777-200 - Singapore Airlines, 50th Anniversary
                              Boeing 777-300 - Cathay Pacific Airways, new c/s
                              Lockheed L-1011 - Cathay Pacific, old c/s

                              Planned purchase:

                              MD-11 - in Thai Airways livery
                              Boeing 767-200 - in Air New Zealand livery


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                                here are pics of my collection.

                                -Ralph Duenas

                                Knowledge & Power Overcome Superstition And Luck.

                                Click Here to view my aircraft photos at JetPhotos.Net!