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    LH 744 w/ STAR ALLIANCE's colors
    LH744 normal c/s
    SIA 772
    KOREAN 773
    QANTAS 744
    NORTHWEST 744 (City of Shanghai)
    SAS A333X
    QATAR A345
    UNITED 722
    AMERICAN 772
    FEDEX MD11
    LH 744
    LAUDA 772
    LH A346 STAR
    IB A346
    CSA B733
    SK 736
    SAA A346
    AIR TAHIT A343
    BWIA A343
    AIR CHI B744
    BA ASIA B744
    MAS B744
    ATLAS B744F
    SIA B744
    MART MD11
    KLM B772
    VIET B772
    OLY B735
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      Two new and nice models in my collection :

      Qatar Airways (Amiri Flight) A340-500
      Just a mistake on the serial number...

      USAF E-4B


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        DW AA 777

        Going to go on ebay soon however


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          Gemini Jets:

          Northwest 757-251 N548US
          Northwest DC8-32 N804US
          Sabena A320 OO-SNE
          USAirways 752 N633AU
          Republic 722 N721RC
          KLM DC10-30 PH-DTA
          American 777-223 N777AN
          Alaska 737-290C N730AS
          American Convair 990 N5618

          Dragon Wings:
          TWA 717 (hybrid scheme)

          Pan American 727-21 N319PA (Clipper Ponce DeLeon)
          American 727-23 N1972

          JAL Cargo 742 JA8180
          Eva Air MD-11F N105EV


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            My updated list :

            1/400 Gemini/Dragon

            Aer Lingus A330-200
            Aerolineas Argentinas 747-200 ("Pentacampeon 2003")
            Air Namibia 747SP
            Air Pacific 747-400 ("islands")
            Air Tahiti Nui A340-300
            Airbus A300-600ST ("Eurocopter")
            Airbus A340-600
            Airbus A380-800
            Alitalia 777-200
            ATA Tristar
            Australian 767-300

            BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde (english prototype)
            bmi A330-200
            BWIA A340-300
            Corsair 747-300 (Sea)
            Corsair 747-300 (Sex)
            Corsair 747-300 (Sun)

            Delta Air Lines MD-11 (new c/s)
            Eva Air 747-400 (new c/s)
            Finnair MD-11 (very old c/s)
            Japan Air Self-Defence Force 767-200 (E-767 AWACS)

            jmc Air DC-10
            Korean Air 747SP

            Korean Air A380-800
            Lufthansa A380-800
            NASA 747-100 Shuttle Carrier + Enterprise

            Qantas A330-200
            Qatar Airways A340-500 (Amiri Flight)
            Qatar Airways A380-800

            SAS A330-300 (Star Alliance, primer c/s)
            Saudi Arabian Tristar (new c/s)
            Singapore Airlines A340-500
            Sun Country DC-10 (old c/s)
            Thai Airways MD-11
            United Airlines 747-400
            United Airlines 747SP (old c/s, "Friendship One")

            United Airlines DC-10F (Worlwide Cargo)
            US Air Force 747-200 (E-4B)
            US Air Force 747-200 (VC-25A)

            US Air Force 757-200 (C-32A)
            US Air Force KC-10 + B-2
            US Airways A330-300


            Japan Airlines 747-400 (new c/s)


            Air France A330-200


            Air France Concorde
            Air Tahiti Nui A340-200


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              Korean Air 777-300 Asian Games (DW) HL-7533
              Korean Air A380-800 (DW) N/A
              Singapore Airlines 777-200 (DW) 9V-SQC
              British Airways (Wanala) 747-400 (GJ) G-BNLS
              British Airways (Nalanji) 747-400 (GJ) G-BNLN
              Qantas Airways 747-400 (DW) VH-OJO
              Thai Airways A330-300 (DW) HS-TEA
              US Airways A330-300 (DW) N670UW
              Icelandair 757-300 (GJ) TF-FIX
              Northwest Airlines 757-300 (GJ) N583NW
              Northwest Airlines DC-10-30 KLM/NW Alliance Plane (DW) N237NW
              Northwest Airlines DC-10-30 (DW) N239NW
              Northwest Airlines DC-9-30 (GJ) N612NW
              Northwest Airlines 747-400 Worldplane (GJ) N670US
              Northwest Airlines 747-400 City of Shanhai (DW) N674US
              Northwest Airlines 747-200 (new colors) (DW) N627US
              Pan American Airways 707-320B (with collectors tin) (DW) N414PA
              United Airlines 777-200 (new colors) (DW) N775UA
              United Airlines DC-10-10 Friend Ship (DW) N1802U
              National Airlines DC-10-30 (GJ) N82NA
              Delta Airlines 737-800 (interim) (DW) N382DA
              American Airlines 737-800 (retro) (DW) N951AA
              Alaska Airlines 737-400 (DW) N774AS
              Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 (DW) N479HA
              North American Airlines 757-200 Bush/Cheney 2000 (DW) N750NA
              Saudi Arabian Airlines MD-11 Royal Flight (JetX) HZ-HM7
              US Government 747-200 Air Force One (DW) 28000
              Boeing House/Globe 777-300ER (DW) N5016R
              Boeing House/First livery 747-400 (JetX) N401PW
              FedEx 747-200F Old Livery (DW) N613FE
              FedEx DC-10-10 Old Livery (DW) N68055
              Air Atlanta 747-200 Athens 2004 Tourch Relay (DW) TR-AFO


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                Interesting airliners can be found in all of your collections....

                Mine started with Schabak, years I have abt 550 different ones. But I stopped collecting them. Wld say addnl 100 of Herpa, Gemini, StarJets, Wooster etc.

                But the prettiest are: BOAC VC 10 in I think 1:50 scale, Qantas ocls 747SP and an old Air NZ DC8 in TEAL cls (abt 60cms long) and a 130cm long very big Air NZ DC10. They are my absolute favourites. As you can imagine, space gets tight in a flat with these beauties....thats why I sell some Herpas and StarJets, e.g. ANK/EVA joint cls MD11 etc.

                Let me know if you are interested.

                As soon as I have some pics of the big ones I will add them here.


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                  My updated list:

                  Schabak 1:600:
                  Delta- M80 (x4), 738 (x2), 757 (x3), 763 (x2), 777 (x3), 733, M11, CRJ (x3), EM2 (x2), BAE-146, L10 (x3), DC-3, 767-200 (1996 Olympics).
                  US Airways- 757 (x2), 733, 320 (x2), 330 (x2), 767, F100, M80 (x2), 737-200 (MetroJet x2)
                  Northwest- 744 (x4), D10 (x3), 330, 757, 320 (x3), 727
                  United- 747SP, 767-200, 757, 737, EM2.
                  American- M80, 767-200, 757 (x2), M11, ATR-42 & -72, CV-440 (x2), DC-6.
                  Continental- 727, 757, 777
                  Southwest- 737-300 (x2)
                  America West- 757 (Ohio)
                  Pan Am- A300, A310, 727, 747 (2 of each)
                  Eastern- L10
                  ATA- 727, 757 (x2), L10
                  British Airways- 767-300, 777 (UK), 747-400 (China), Concorde
                  TWA- 747, 767
                  Hawaiian- L10
                  Alaska- 734
                  Piedmont- F28, 727, 737, 767
                  Air Canada- 340, 747-400, A319, CRJ
                  Canadian- 747-400
                  Scanair- DC-10
                  SAS- A340
                  Virgin- A340
                  Finnair- M11
                  Aeroflot- 777, IL-96
                  Saudi- 777
                  Balair- A310
                  CSA Czech- A310
                  Gulf Air- A340
                  Austrian Airways- A340
                  Corsair- 747-100
                  Lufthansa- A340, F50, RJ-85
                  Varig- M11 (OC)
                  LTU- L10
                  Caledonian- L10
                  Air New Zealand- 747-400
                  Singapore- 747-400, 707
                  Avianca- 767-200
                  Iberia- A340
                  Surinam Airways- 747-300
                  Air France- 777, A340, ATR-42, Concorde, De Havilland Comet
                  South African- 747-400
                  Air Jamaica- A310, A340
                  Alitalia- 742, M11
                  Eurowings- A319, BAE-146
                  KLM- 767, 747-300
                  Air China- 747-400
                  NW Cargo- 747
                  LH Cargo- 747
                  FedEx- M11
                  DHL- 727
                  Condor- 707
                  BMI- A330
                  Mandarin Airways- M11
                  JAL- 747-400
                  QANTAS- 747-400, L-1049 Constellation
                  Martinair Cargo- 747-200F
                  SAS Cargo- 747-200F
                  LAN- A340-300 (NC)
                  Virgin Sun- A321
                  Transbrasil- 767-200
                  Ryanair- 737-200 (Jaguar colors)

                  Schabak 1:500: Air France 747-400

                  Herpa 1:500: Pepsi/Air France Concorde

                  Flight Miniatures (I think) 1:200:
                  Boeing House Colors 777-200
                  British Airways Concorde (I have 2)
                  Cayman Airways 737-400 (I have 2)
                  Delta 777-200 (NNC)
                  Delta MD-88 (NNC)
                  Delta 727-200 (NOC)
                  Delta 757-200 (NOC)
                  Northwest DC-9-30 (OC)
                  United 777-200
                  USAir 737-300
                  USAir 757-200
                  USAir 767-200

                  Flight Miniatures (I think) 1:100:
                  Delta Connection/Comair CRJ-200 (NNC)
                  Delta Connection/ASA CRJ-200 (NNC)

                  Hogan 1:200:
                  US Airways A330-300 (brand new)

                  SkyMarks 1:100:
                  US Airways Express CRJ-200 (brand new...Mesa reg)

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                    Double post.




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                      my collection:
                      Schabak 1:600
                      Avianca O/C 767-200
                      DLT F-50
                      LH A340-300
                      Pulkovo IL86
                      German Cargo 737-200
                      LH L1049/DC3/CV440/Viscount
                      LH 727
                      Herpa 1:500
                      AC A320 ''Symhony of Voices''
                      Suche gut gebaute 18-30 Jährigen zum schlachten.
                      - Metzgermeister


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                        LH744 normal c/s
                        SIA 772
                        KOREAN 773
                        QANTAS 744
                        CARGOLUX 744F
                        NORTHWEST 744 (City of Shanghai)
                        SAS A333X
                        QATAR A345
                        EMIRATES 744F
                        UNITED 722
                        AMERICAN 772
                        AIR FORCE ONE
                        FEDEX MD11
                        MASKARGO MD 11
                        CHINESE EASTERN A343
                        PREMIAIR A333
                        LH 744
                        LAUDA 772
                        LH A346 STAR
                        IB A346
                        CSA B733
                        NZL B744 ARAGORN
                        SK 736
                        SAA A346
                        AIR TAHIT A343
                        BWIA A343
                        AIR CHI B744
                        NWA B744 WORLD PLANE
                        BA ASIA B744
                        CHI AIRCARGO B742
                        MAS B744
                        KLM CARGO B744F
                        ATLAS B744F
                        SIA B744
                        SWISS NEW C/S MD11
                        MART MD11
                        KLM B772
                        VIET B772
                        OLY B735
                        CORS 743 SEA SEX SUN
                        THAI 744
                        NWA 744
                        NWA 333
                        AIR BER 738
                        DHL 752 N/C
                        SN BRU 333
                        GERM 737 "SIEMENS"
                        EURAL 738 "FROG"
                        LH 380[/QUOTE]
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                              Herpa 1/500

                              3 BA 733s(diffrent tails)
                              South African A300
                              Asiana 744
                              Air Force 1
                              SAS MD80
                              Swissair DC-10
                              Condor DC-10
                              United 777
                              United A320
                              Pepsi Concorde
                              Corssair MD80 Mc Donnalds

                              Schabak 1/600 (Most are from the 80s and early 90s)
                              AeroMexico MD80/762
                              Alitalia A300
                              Air Canada 727/743/L1011(all OC)
                              British Airways 732/752/743(two of them)/L1011(all OC)
                              Luxair 743/ 732
                              Air Cal 733
                              Us air 722(x2)733(OOC)762(OC)
                              British Middland (F70)
                              America West 752(OC, Ohio, PHX suns)/F70
                              Peidmont 733(x3)722(x2)767/F50
                              Condor 743/A300
                              Delta L1011/MD80/MD11
                              TWA 722/747/742/A330/762/MD80
                              United 752(x3 OC, NC)/722(OC)/742/A320/733/763/777/DC3
                              Lan Chile A340
                              Midway F100
                              Aerolineas Argentina 743(soccer scheme)
                              Braniff 722/747SP
                              Air Namibia 747SP
                              Varig 743(OC)/743(star alliance)
                              ASA Bea 146
                              Comair CRJ200
                              American 747/MD90
                              American Eagle ATR-42
                              Continental DC10/747(orange and red w/meatball)
                              FedEx MD11
                              Boeing 727
                              Pan Am 732/727
                              Turkish THY A310
                              Northwest DC10/742/A320(x2)/727/752
                              Alaska 727(x2)
                              Air France 747
                              Western Pacific 733(simpsons)
                              Frontier 732(bobcat/eagle)
                              SAS 763(star alliance)
                              LOT Polish Airlines IL-62
                              Southwest 733(Califorina/Texas/Shamu/Arizona(x2)/Tripple Crown)
                              Hawaiian DC8
                              Lufthansa A300/747(both old colors)
                              and theres some more i can’t think of, i’ll have to check

                              Schabak 1/500
                              United 763 Star Alliance
                              ANA 744D Blue Whale Scheme

                              Dragon Wings 1/400
                              Frontier 733
                              Pan Am 722
                              Continental 722
                              Ted A320
                              Northwest 753(new colors)
                              Air China A340
                              United A320/762(old colors)

                              Gemini Jets
                              Air Canada A340
                              BWIA A340
                              British Asia 744
                              Air China 744
                              Mexicana DC10
                              Sun Country DC10/738
                              Planet 722
                              Air Florida 732
                              Southwest 737x2(New colors and New Mexico)
                              Braniff 722(Caldar)
                              Delta 772
                              American 772
                              National 752
                              Air 2000 752
                              Champion 722
                              Evergreen 742
                              JAL 743(Resort Pink)
                              ATA 752(20th)
                              Condor DC10
                              Swissair A319
                              Trans Caribbean DC8
                              South African 747SP
                              VARIG MD11x2(reg and soccer)
                              Hawaiian 763
                              FedEx A310
                              Have to check to see if I missed anything

                              United A319

                              Wooster100 years of flight 744
                              United 744
                              Qantas 744
                              Us Air DC9
                              Korean MD11
                              Singapore MD11
                              Garuda Indonesia MD11
                              British 752
                              TWA L1011
                              Virgin A340x2

                              Tucano 1:400
                              ANA Pokemon 744
                              Air Force 1

                              thats all I can think of right now, I have tons of planes lying around that arn’t really models but more like toys.

                              update: 2 Braniff 707s (green) Gemini Jets
                              Aer Lingus A330


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                                Here's mine: