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    There is a few more hiding behind that first row of Dragon narrowbodies

    And no the planes are not in the box, but it was the most organized way to show yall now.


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      In search of Decals for old Air Jamaica, help please

      Hey team, I have been in search of 1/200 or 1/144 decals for Air Jamaica in their old, pre 1995 colors (excluding the blue stripe) for DC8-61, B-727 200, A 300 B4.

      Can anyone out there help me please, I would really appreciate it very much.

      Thanks ever so much


      Ps my email is [email protected]


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        Mine consists of 12 Herpa Wings models but plan to get about 10 more soon:

        1. Aer Lingus A321
        2. British Midland A321 o/c
        3. Britannia B757 n/c
        4. Finnair A321
        5. Air Seychelles B767
        6. Ukraine International B737
        7. Icelandair B757
        8. Singapore Airlines B777 (50th Anniversary colours)
        9. British Airways B767
        10. British Airways B777
        11. AeBal B717
        12. Swiss A321.
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          Made pictures of my place last Sunday. This included a session with the model collection, kept in their boxes. Pics will follow. I made up my mind to display 3 of them at a time. At time posting the lucky winners sitting atop shelves of slide boxes are
          - American Eagle ATR 42,
          - Pan Am 727-200
          - Varig MD11
          all three of the snap fit variety.
          One permanently displayed is an
          - AF 707 in today's c/s which is the well known Airfix 1/144th combined with the set of engine pods from a Revell kit in order to portray a P&W JT3D3 powered 328B. Other modification includes the wing tips. Sadly enough, the wing fairing intrados could not be reworked (I would have so much loved getting the specific shapes of "Elephant Ears"). The results is nice enough, otherwise I would not have invested FFR 200 (+/- 35 Euros) to bring it back.
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            Damn, Chris, thats alot of plane models! I only have 3 two 777 1:200 and one 757 1:400
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              just added today
              + NWA 744 nc
              AIR INDIA L1011
              LH 707 .... yay !!
              KLM 744 nc
              DHL 752

              what the best solution for "displaying its models" trough a glass "closet" or a drawer with glass,?? ..(ok the last part might sound a bit weird) but you all know what I mean ...
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                My collection again (As I have added a few since the last post I did in this thread was over 18 months ago):

                MD-88 (Herpa)
                MD-11 (Herpa)
                767-400 (Herpa)
                737-800 (Herpa)
                777-200 (Flight Miniatures)

                DC-10 (Flight Miniatures)

                747-400 (SkyMarks)

                757-200 (SkyMarks)

                bmi British Midland:
                A330 (Gemini Jets)

                747-227B (Gemini Jets)

                737-73V "Big @ Gatwick" (Gemini Jets)

                Alaska Airlines:
                737-4Q8 "" (Dragon Wings)

                Western Pacific:
                737-301 "Simpsons" (Dragon Wings)

                A320 (Dragon Wings)

                A340-200 "The World Ranger" House Colors (Dragon Wings)

                Eva Air Cargo:
                MD-11F (Jet-X)


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                  I have way too many! Over 100.
                  Just to name a few
                  Ups 747
                  CO 777 Petermax
                  737 "Simpsons"
                  A lot of co jets
                  New UAL 777


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                    Since yesterday, my 1:200 scale collection (all of them are PPC Holland)n contains
                    LH A380
                    MP MD-11
                    German Cargo 707
                    Norwegian 733 with Thor Heyerdahl tail
                    B 744 demonstrator
                    BMI 735 O/C
                    BA 732 Landor
                    Luxair 737 with winglets
                    NFD ATR-72
                    AUA A343

                    That's it so far, I buy them on airshows, different stands with 5 for 10 Euro and so on.
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                      My collection

                      LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767-300
                      Lufthansa Boeing 737-400
                      Lufthansa Boeing 747-400
                      Thomas Cook (Powered by Condor) Airbus A320
                      Aeromexico MDD DC-10
                      Airbus House Colors (Old) Airbus A380
                      British Airways Concorde
                      Air Canada Boeing 747-400
                      KLM Boeing 747-400
                      Air Force One Boeing 747-400
                      Zoom Boeing 767-300


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                        I didn't have anything better to do tonight ....

                        My collection is here.


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                          Mmmmmm no US Airways , Gennesse, I see . TSK TSK! You should be ashamed . I have a Hogan US Airways 330, and flight miniatures WN 737 lonestar, and DL Widget l1011.
                          Cheers gents,


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                            I've been thinking about some US Airways 737s actually...The dark (I still see black) planes would be kinda nice with the all white ones. I saw the America West double pack (Gemini - 737-200), I would get that as well if I got the US since there is an A320 in the new livery (US Airways - Seen here) coming from Gemini.


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                              ARG! NO ! Not the evil spawn colors! Well , I guess I can't prevent you from going to the darkside . I'm also colorblind. What are your problem colors? Mine are reds/browns/oranges/greens and Blue/Purple/Pinks .


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                                Well, dark blue doesn't sound so hot, but the black+silver+red+white looks good to me.

                                My optometrist says I have "red/green confusion". I have trouble with green/brown/blue. Mostly medium to dark shades. I can see things like traffic lights and such ok, but I see darker greens as brown and browns as green (sometimes blue or black). My grandparents had a car that I spent a good 10 years thinking it was brown. One day I mentioned "the brown car" and no one knew what I was talking about.

                                I on the other side, red really stands out for me. I can spot darker reds quite good, even if only a little is showing.