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  • Sabreliner Model

    Just curious if anyone knows if there has been a model of a Sabreliner. I need a model of one, preferrably a -40.

    I have models of every a/c I've flown for hire except that one.

    Thanks in advance.
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    well........I found a sabreliner.........but it is a -65 though.(scale1/40)
    It is very cheap (40 euro`s........I guess that is about $35?)
    you can check it out at go to the search function,and type sabreliner check this pic of the model

    hope this helped you!

    check out


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      Sorry it took two months for me to thank you!!!!

      I forgot I posted this.

      I'm still hunting for a -40, and now a Lear 25, which should be a lot easier. I have the Testors model, which is a 24D, and it didn't come out worth a damn. The main gear won't hold the model up, and very few things fit right.

      Finishing it up sure made me miss that airplane!
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        There's a guy at MTN that makes great wood modles for $80, but won't be able to get it too you untill June. He made a great Citation for me.
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          Hell, I'm a contract F/O. $80 is like almost a week's salary for me.

          Thanks for the suggestion though.
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