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Boeing 787-8 To 787-9 Conversion ( Air New Zealand)

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  • Boeing 787-8 To 787-9 Conversion ( Air New Zealand)


    I started to convert the 787-8 kit into the 787-9 by adding 21.5mm in front and behind the wings

    To join the fuselages back together i used some 40mm PVC pipe i have to slot this down the middle so it would close up and fit inside the glues fuselage sections , i always do conversions this way rather than destroying another kit

    Both fuselage extensions filled and sanded back i use car boddy filler for this

    Fuselage painted black now ready for decals The decal are made by myself

    Today i have started adding some of the decals the decals are Inkjet Printed on white Decal paper so that i get the white to show on the dark background

    In this picture you can probably see the white outline arround the logo this can be got rid off after the decal has dried by painting round the edge with some thinned down white paint

    More pictures To Follow


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    Very nice, looking forward to seeing the finished product. An interesting method to increase the fuselage length. Regarding painting around the white outline of the decals, did you mean that you'll use thinned down black paint, as opposed to thinned down white paint?


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      Thinned black paint here is a picture of all the decals that are on the left side done