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Airworthy 747-400 models

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  • LH-B744
    Via exactly that weblink you'll also find..

    an airworthy NASA B747-100 Space Shuttle Transporter (3,60 meters long, so not quite 1:16 .. my rough guess is 1:20) , with, again, an airworthy Space Shuttle on her shoulders

    and finally,

    our "neighbour airport", Schiphol, with an airworthy large KL-B742 model.

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Airworthy 747-400 models

    Airworthy 747-400 models

    Some websites are really worth a visit, plus a separate topic here at JP, because it just took me almost 15 minutes to find back to this craze German guy.

    This is the herpa 1:500 topic, continued, for adults.

    Here it is. The 747 for your living room. What did I say, 70,60 meters : 16 = 4,4125 meters long? LOL!

    Scale 1:16. For Adults, as I mentioned. The MTOW probably is the only thing which he didn't build in 1:16..

    24,8125 metric tons? No. But nevertheless, very impressive, even for me.

    PS: As I said, the EDDL 23L temporarily should be free. Use the CT frequency for 150750Z. Harr.
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