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Concorde Die cast in BOAC colors

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  • Concorde Die cast in BOAC colors

    Anyone here knows the era that LinToy was manufacturing die cast planes?

    Approximately 13 years ago, by a mere odd coincidence I found a Concorde die cast in BOAC livery in the front of my old house in some very heavy shrubbery, at the point however it was very ruined (the nose was gone from it, and the white paint as well as labels were all screwed up.) Being a kid, I just discarded it('')............I know that had it been today, I would of tried to restored it like new (or show worthy at bare minimum) in some way.

    If anyone has the information, I'd like to hear it.

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    The LinToy model sites I found online were made about 1973. They cost about $75.00. Search for LinToy in the text. It seems they made models for other companies.


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      Thanks for the info Greg! Now I'm in the mood to buy some of the older replicas on there!


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        I saw a BOAC concorde at a toy fair today - in very poor condition / paint chipped, no wheels etc but the dropp nose still worked.