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Custom Made Cathay Pacific "Spirit" B747-400 1/200

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    BraZ make resin engines for all 747 models in 1/200 scale:

    They are a lot better than the kit supplied engines (at least the 1/144 scales ones thay I have are).

    They are available from Airline Hobby Supplies in Chandler, Arizona:

    As far as my own 1/144 airliner model adventures are going, while I haven't made any progress lately, I recently bought 3 Revell 767-300s to make into 3 of the QF 767 varieties: a standard GE 767-300, an RR -300 and an Australian Airlines 767-300. I may have to get another kit to convert to a -200.


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      Wow!!! Never new these stores existed


      Many thanks!!! Never knew these stores and custom shops existed. I live in AZ and I did not even know that Airlines Hobby Supplies is here but it looks like he runs a business from his or her home.

      I already have 1 1/200 Hasegawa B744 with RR powerplants and I am obtaining abother one soon finally. Then the BA B744 Wunala and Nalanji project can begin.


      I think Gemini should go ahead with Qantas Wunala and Nalanji project. I believe those aircraft is going to be a big hit for the 1/400 scale. I can sorta see why the decal design for the 1/400 scale might be a challenge. Even for the 1/200 scale Qantas Wunala is going to be a lot of trial and errors for my friend and I, and spending good amount of money on the blank decal sheets to do test prints.


      Thanks for the information on the Sprit of HK 97. I should know better that in was painted on the B742 and not the B743. My wrong.

      Cheers - Jay


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        hi Marco_polo

        Thanks for the reply....
        Yeah are pretty good aren't they? I am looking to get some PW4000 engines from them for the 744 unless Hasegawa is already making them. From memory Hasegawa only makes GE & RR powered 744 1/200 models. Is that correct?

        I m jealous, I want to steal the Malaysian decals from you!! If you do come across another one or if your friend is able to reprint one, please let me know. Otherwise, I think may be I will do a Singapore 744 which does not sound like a bad idea. But then I also want to do a Malaysia 747-3H6...the one and only 9M-MHK (now operating for Dragonair Cargo).

        I would also recommend Braz Model for your engine swap. They have a range of 1/200 engines remaining.....grab it while you can.

        I also have Virgin Atlantic B747-100 rego. G-VMIA (now dismantled) 1/200 hasegawa decals if anyone wants to swap something with me. Please PM me....

        Ta ta