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  • Plastic Model Kits

    Who here buys plastic model kits, makes them and paints them,

    What brand paints and models do you buy?
    What models do you buy?
    Do you prefer Civil or Military?

    I have mainly military, spread about all brands and brands of paints (I mainly buy Tamiya paints now though)
    My collection includes (planes and helicopters only i have some tanks and boats as well)

    Spitfire MK1
    Mosquito MK11
    BF109E Messerchmitt
    Boeing B17G Flying fortress
    Lockheed C130 Hercules
    MH60K Night Hawk
    SR-71 Blackbird
    Harrier (forgotten type)
    Karmakov KA52 Aligator
    As350 DauphinII
    Ho IX

    UH1H Iroquios
    F14 A+ Tomcat
    Me 262 A1-a Schwalbe
    P47D Thunderbolt
    Bf109E Messerchmitt

    UH1H Gunship

    1:144 Boeing 747-200 British Airways

    I think thats it
    Sam Rudge
    A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash

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    Most of my stuff are cars, but I also have several airplanes.

    The cars that I build get extremely detailed. I built a model of my Fiero that is carpeted inside, with seatbelts, a Club on the steering wheel, keys in the ignition, and opened the front compartment and detailed it as well with the spare tire, jack, tire iron, headlights / motors, and a/c equipment.

    I'm still working on a Top Fuel car with all the details on it as well. I've got at least $100 in photo etched parts on that damn thing....

    Currently I'm building another Lear, a PA 727-200, two C-337s, a BE-18, a Bonanza, and just finished an Aloha 737-200.
    Bite me Airways.....


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      Used to have A LOT, and Airfix was my favourite brand for combat aircrafts and helos while Revell won my vote for airliners. Used to live in Douala/Cameroon, where the much better japaneses brands such as Hazegawa were still out of geographical scope, ie, not avialable locally !
      Scales also avialable locally in CMR were limited to the tradiotional
      -1/144 for airliners except those from Heller (1/125)
      -1/72 for combat and helos, whichever the manufacturer.
      Sometimes, I flew back with kits, remember a couple of 1/48 Monogram (a P.40 Tomahawk of the "Flying Tigers" and its Nakajima Oscar nemesis)
      on another opportunity, brough back a couple of Lindberg kits.
      Then I moved up to Europe and I lost any tracks.
      Wish I could resume sometimes,provided I get space, lot of space, even if focusing ....
      Thanks for visiting
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