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Gemini Jets Qantas F1 747 for sale

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  • Gemini Jets Qantas F1 747 for sale

    As topic heading says .... im sellingup my collection , to start with im offering for sale my Gemini Jets 747 Qantas F1 1:400 scale model , still in box .... never displayed ..

    any interested party please either enquire on this thread or contact me via email ...

    I am open to negotiation ... but remember this item is VERY rare and collectable..

    regards Tony

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    Why would you want to sell that beauty? As you said, it's a rare bird. You should keep it for yourself, it's a beautiful model, it's especially valuable seeing the VH-OJC is now back in the normal livery.


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      Originally posted by Richard
      Why would you want to sell that beauty?
      Because he gets money

      How much are you selling it for?!? i might be interested in buying it

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        There are currently 2 i know of for sale in Europe

        One is 175 and the other is 190

        so Joe whats your offer ?

        Im looking for between 100 and 120 ....

        regards Tony


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          Hey pal
          Amazing to have this in your collection I just started my collection about 8 months ago.Why don't you sell it on EBAY?I have seen them there for around $125-150 US.Have you got Virgin Tubular Belle?I just received the new BWIA A340 ,and from EBAY got the sold out Delta DC-8-51 FANJET
          Your friend and coworker


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            William , i have Tubular Belle and Lady Penelope

            im affraid they are not for sale..

            as a pair they are valued at around 500 ($750.00)

            i thought id see if anyone wanted it on here first before i do ebay

            cheers Tony