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  • Airport Name Corrections

    Hi! I've posted this on the "Correcting data errors" thread a while ago. However, it seems my message went by unnoticed, so I'm creating this new thread.

    There are a few airports in database which need a name correction. Hope someone can fix this.
    Here are a few ones, all located in Brazil:

    1) Coroa do Avião is an aerodrome located in Igarassu, Pernambuco, Brazil.
    It seems the JP server cannot use the "til" accent used in Portuguese language, so the name of the airport appears all messed up:

    My suggestion: change the name to "Igarassu - Coroa do Aviao - SIFC", written just like this.


    2) Feijó aerodrome is a small airstrip located in Fortaleza, Brazil. However, the location in JP does not give away the city of the airfield, just give us the name.

    My suggestion: change the name to "Fortaleza - Feijo Aerodrome - SNFF", written just like this.


    3) Jericoacoara is a beautiful beach village located at the north of Ceará state, Brazil. However, only the airport name is displayed in Jetphotos, neglecting the name of the location.

    My suggestion: change the name to "Jericoacoara - Cmte. Ariston Pessoa - SBJE", written just like this.


    4) Petrolina airport, located in Pernambuco state, Brazil, is named after Nilo Coelho, a local politician. However, JP only displays the city name, Petrolina.

    My suggestion: change the name to "Petrolina - Senador Nilo Coelho - SBPL", written just like this.


    5) Mossoró airport is located in Mossoró city, Rio Grande do Norte state, Brazil. I really don't know why it was written as "Mocord" instead of "Mossoro".
    The name of the airport is indeed "Dix-Sept Rosado", by the way.

    My suggestion: change the name to "Mossoro - Dix-Sept Rosado - SBMS", written just like this.


    6) Aracati airport have also suffered the same name-MessUp as "Coroa do Avião", since the JP server cannot cope with the til "~" accent.

    My suggestion: change the name to "Aracati - Dragao do Mar - SBAC", written just like this.


    Really hope they can be fixed. I'd like to do this manually if I could, but it seems this can only be done by JP crew, so I really appreciate it if these corrections can all be done. Many thanks in advance. Any questions, please don't hesitate to reply or contact me in some way.