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    I recently received a rejection for a new aircraft type submission, and was curious about it. It was for the Northrop SM-62 Snark (on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force). Snark was a large winged, pilotless aircraft that was an early nuclear cruise missile. It was larger than most 1950s fighter aircraft (its contemporaries). The rejection notification included the comment that "we do not do cruise missiles." So that raises a couple questions. And let me preface by saying I am not upset over this, and am not looking to pick a fight about it, but I am genuinely interested in learning a bit more about this.

    If JP doesn't do cruise missiles, then what is the justification for the numerous German V-1 Buzz Bomb (Fieseler Fi 103) photos in the database? Is it because there were a few manned variants built? The V-1 was certainly a cruise missile, and was developed specifically to be exactly that. Conversely, are early winged cruise missiles (those that utilize lift generated by wings) really any different from modern UAVs? Both are heavier than air winged aircraft, but neither are manned.

    Again, I'm not trying to be argumentative, I am just curious as to thoughts, and seeking to learn from the discussion.


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    Indeed missiles is a bit to far for us. It could well be we have V-1's in the dbase, these are I guess a remnant of older JP times. UAV's is another difficult area. They are aircraft, but when going down in size like hand held UAV's they are to small. We had them uploaded to and rejected them. From normal, leys say, Cessna size to bigger. UAV's are welcome.
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      Thanks for the reply. As I said, I am not upset about this. I am genuinely intrigued by the issue of where is the line, and the fact that it can be a bit gray as to where to draw it. Some UAVs are indeed very small, while others, like Global Hawk, are as big as airliners... An intriguing subject to ponder.