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    I took this picture (which is still to be edited properly), but i know NOTHING about this helicopter, such as registration, serial, model... so i ask you if i can upload this picture as well, and if; and if you can provide me the lacking infos.
    (i am writing this post here because my other post belongs to the photo editing discussions, and this is an informations request)
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    I can't provide you the info you seek, but if you look up the airport location in the database chances are someone else may have uploaded a picture and will have the aircraft info you need


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      I found another picture in the database, but it has been uploaded without reg nor serial. So... in order to upload my picture, must i leave these fields empty (and then specify to the screeners that they are unknown)?


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        I tend to use Flickr to search the airport and helicopter type. Generally there are photos somewhere on the internet of the aircraft/helicopter. You just have to know where to look.