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Suggestion to correct 3 airports

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  • Suggestion to correct 3 airports

    Hello! I sent this via "contact form" on the site, but got no answer, don't know if anyone saw it.

    There are 3 corrections that i'd like to suggest, the 1st not so important, but I think the 2nd and 3rd are:

    1- The IATA code "SBBI" returns two airports in the auto-fill (the same airport with two names) what do you think about unify them as "Curitiba Aeroporto de Bacacheri - SBBI, Brazil"? (or in English: Curitiba Bacacheri Airport - SBBI, Brazil)

    2- Both codes "SBPG" and "SSPG" are registered for the same airport (Paranaguá), but "SBPG" is WRONG!' All those photos should have the airport corrected to "Aeroporto de Paranaguá - SSPG, Brazil" (or, in English, Paranaguá Airport - SSPG, Brazil)

    3- The code "SBPG" mentioned above is from another airport, in the city of Ponta Grossa. The code of this airport in the past was "SSZW", but it was changed some years ago and now SSZW was assigned to another airfield in Brazil.
    The airport of all those pictures is "Ponta Grossa Aeroporto Comandante Antônio Amilton Beraldo - SBPG, Brazil"

    Take a look at the attached images, they are from a official brazillian publication. The red marks are "Airport Name ( ICAO ) / CITY, STATE"
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    All should be fixed. Thanks
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      Originally posted by ErwinS View Post
      All should be fixed. Thanks
      Thanks Erwin! I saw the corrections were made!

      Just one more thing, now "SSPG" is duplicated, what do ou think about merge them as was made with "SBBI"? Both names are correct, one in Portuguese, one in English, the English one is the oldest.

      Best regards!