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  • Rejected for bad info, but...

    Hi! I tried to send this new reg but it got rejected as "Private" isn't the correct operator. But this rejection is in conflict with the DB itself. If you check his brother it has exactly the same titles both over fuselage and tail, and it's "Private". Knowing that the YL-IES was his "brother" I checked teh DB and so opted for the "Private" choice, as there are 3 pics with this description. So, why my photo isn't ok with "Private" but there are 3 in the DB?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, frustrating for you but the last photo of YL-IES was accepted into the database in 2018 when we probably didn't focus on GA airline names as much as we do today. In order to make the database correct as possible these days we are much stricter especially when the name is on the fuselage. The YL-IES photos could do with a correction submitted to the correct airline name and since there have been no recent additions it hasn't been brought to our attention until now. As always when you upload, it is the uploader's responsibility to make sure they submit the correct information.

    Hope this helps.