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What aircraft type is that?

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  • What aircraft type is that?

    Hi guys,

    can please someone identify this aircraft type. The reg is I-9166, very faintly visible on the winglet / stabilizer. It has been taken at Aviosuperficie Vallicella - Sutri (VT), Italy in June 2021.
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    Okay, since this aircraft has no type yet, I found another two that I am totally unable to find any information about.

    Both have been taken at Aviosuperficie Cecina, LIQG, Italy in June 2021.

    First is I-8896. It has the markings "FRZ-2" and "Grey Wolf" on it. But absolutely nothing about these words in connection to an aircraft type on the net.
    Second is I-5946, which ironically was parked twice in this hangar. You can see a second one, identical type and reg, in the background. It is some type called "Strega" - witch in Italian - but again nothing on the exact type.

    Maybe someone knows one of these.
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