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KNO/WIMM Triple Airport In Database

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  • KNO/WIMM Triple Airport In Database

    Firstly I dont know where to put this thread but;
    Hello I want to ask about the airport in database
    KNO/WIMM has 3 location in the database as follows;

    Kualanamu Airport KNO/WIMM
    Kualanamu International Airport KNO/WIMM
    Medan-Polonia(closed) -> Changed to Military Airport - Medan-Lanud Soewondo WIMK

    I have question about the difference between the first and the second is the "International" status right? But the new KNO/WIMM is already in "International" status since it opened. Someone must have added new airport by mistake without the "International" status. I suggest to delete the one without Int'l.

    I search and only found this one photo without the Int'l status PK-GTK | Airbus A320-251N | Citilink | Wilbert Tana | JetPhotos, I suggest to change it to the one with Int'l status and delete the airport without one. (The photo should be rejected as Bad Info actually - my advice)

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    This issue has been fixed, Thank you