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  • Help identifying aircraft

    Hello, I have recently taken an image of a particular aircraft, however, I don't know which maker and model it is.
    It appears that it aint in the DB and I did neither manage to google the registration number.
    Is there anyone who would be able to point out the proper aircraft model?
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    I've had a look and haven't had much luck getting specifics even with the reg'n, however, the aircraft highly resembles that of a Zenair CH-601 (I could be wrong - but thats my guess).

    A possible idea might be to contact the Krnov Aeroclub and ask them for any info regarding the aircraft as it is featured in a picture on their website (have linked) implying that they may own it or if not at least know who does,

    ​​​​​Kind Regards,


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      Thank you.
      To be honest, I have also been considering this particular zenair as the whole tail section including the rudder looks very similar.
      ​​​However what was bothering me are the wheel fenders as this one don't have them, but the others usually do.
      But this may be a thing that varies throughout individual configuration or modernisation options.
      I think I will upload it as a zenair and change it expost in a case I find out it's not the case.
      What I find o be quite interesting, that there are even some CH-061s beng configured with a tricycle landing gear and other as tail dragger.


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        I think this one might be the case.


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          Hello, I would have another puzzle.
          This registration is not in the DB either?
          is anyone familiar with the aircraft?
          After a bit of googling I found this to be quite simillar.

          Does anyone have a better guess?
          Thank you.
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