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Confusion on New type to database

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  • Confusion on New type to database


    I am looking to upload N5745 to the database which according to sparse information on the internet is a Lindstrom built aircraft

    I applied for it to be added so I could upload, but was told by the database team it is under "lighter than air" - whilst looking under that the closest I find is Lindstrand, which are balloons.

    Could one of the team calirfy? as the aircraft is not lighter than air
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    Lindstrom is only the guy who built this aircraft, not the model. It may be a replica, looks like an Aeronca to me.
    Oliver Richter


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      Aeronca Champion / Aeronca L-3, Amateur built, according to several commenters on Facebook.

      Same look as this one:
      Oliver Richter


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        The manufacturer of US registered Homebuilt aircraft is registered on the FAA database as being the person who assembled it. In this case the aircraft was built by a Mr Lindstrom. The actual manufacturer of the kit aircraft in this case is Aeronca. Specifically it is an Aeronca 7AC Champion and you will find it listed as such in the manufacturer list on the upload page.
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          Thanks all