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Help Needed to Find the Registration of this MI-2

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  • Help Needed to Find the Registration of this MI-2

    I won't expect anyone to actually get this since there are literally no clues or hints to go off of, but could someone help me find the registration of this unmarked Mil MI-2? I took this photo in early August at Aeroklub Nitra, LZNI. I actually even asked the guy who worked there if he knew if it had a registration, but he said he had no clue.

    If this is just an MI-2 with no registration, serial number, or anything, is it submittable to JetPhotos? If so, how would I submit it in the registration / serial box?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to answer,


    Click image for larger version

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    If the registration is not visible, nor known, there is no problem in uploading it with the registration and serial as blank.
    I do have two shots without a reg and they were accepted with no problem.


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      Ahhh, okay. Understandable. Would it count as a hot photo / new "registration" if so, or would I need to queue it normally?


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        definitely not hot as there is no registration.


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          Makes sense, appreciate the help!


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            Complete Host shot rules are specified here.


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              Except you have also seen it, a good candidate for this is Mi-2 OM-PIS (c/n 529312065), a former Slov Air Mi-2 in all white c/s with blue/red stripes. Its on display at Nitra since 2009. Old photos suggest that it is parked at the position like in your photo. Infos from and scramble.


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                Hey, so OM-PIS is actually still parked at Nitra but it isn't the white unmarked one. OM-PIS is parked on a different static aircraft display that is maybe 30-40m from this one, and it's still got all of its rotors and paint on it, as seen in the photo below. Click image for larger version

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