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Aérospatiale SA 341H Partizan rejection

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  • Aérospatiale SA 341H Partizan rejection

    Hello everyone,
    kindly, the following photo
    was rejected as "Categories wrong or missing" and "Bad Info".
    Inside the email sent to me by the screeners I read: "- Categories wrong or missing - Bad Info: Location, Serial Number / CN "

    Now, as the location I entered the name of the museum, is it a problem if it has a Slovenian name? I can't understand why should I use the one in the photo already present. The information is not wrong it just has its correct name. And is this even reason for rejection for a photo? With a lot of respect, it was a wrong location I would understand, but honestly it seems too much to me.
    I am challenged for the serial number: also in this case should I use the one in the photo already present that is 028?
    As I have already indicated to the screeners, in the lower part of the vertical fins on the horizontal stabilizers there are two small metal plates, one on each side, applied by the manufacturer Aérospatiale-Soko. The small black and gray rectangle is clearly visible in the photo. In them is printed the serial number that I report in the photo below as "Serijsky Broj = Serial Number"
    and is 157.

    So I am rejected a photo with a correct location but written in its correct name in Slovenian, but a photo with the location in English but with the wrong serial number is accepted?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and for your work.
    Greetings from LIML

    Click image for larger version

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    Maybe you can upload this photo again in English form? (If you can though). Or just appeal this image and leave a comment to the screeners to let them know what's going on. Having some misunderstandings is absolutely normal...

    Good luck!


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      The website can not handle the special caracters in the location name.
      But she is indeed located at this location: Other Location - Park of Military History - Pivka , so for consistency pls use that name

      157 is the serialnumber of the boom of the helicopter. Not of the whole airframe.

      c/n is 028, confiremed by several sources.
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        ….and don’t forget to select the category “Helicopter”.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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          Thanks Erwin and thanks Brian for your information.
          It is incredible not to be able to rely even on the data present on the machine itself because in reality it has been assembled with pieces from different machines. At this point you are no longer sure of anything ...