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F-104G transformed into F-104S

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  • F-104G transformed into F-104S

    I recently photographed an F-104S with Italian Air Force insignia and badges.
    From a research I did, however, it appears that it is not an Italian F-104S but a German F-104G transformed into F-104S. The two side fins have also been added to the tail.
    At this link
    the plane is the second from the top, code 51-57.
    In the indicated link it would appear to have a registration that at this point I wonder if it could be true or not.
    The plane doesn't actually have any registration in the fuselage, it's just MM **** indicated (exactly MM with four asterisks, I attach photos) so I don't understand the MM16113 registration where it comes from.
    So in JP there are photos of an F-104G with a construction number belonging to a German aircraft (c / n9180), without a serial number indicated on the fuselage but loaded as MM16113 of the Italian Air Force?
    So, in the end, how should I upload this plane?
    I don't really understand anything anymore.
    Many thanks to everyone in advance for any responses.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_6806 R F-104S Fratte Matricola.jpg Views:	0 Size:	175.5 KB ID:	1146526