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Question about what to enter for "Airline" about the disbanded Geico Skytypers.

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  • Question about what to enter for "Airline" about the disbanded Geico Skytypers.

    So I was going to upload a photo of N65370 at the 2022 Greenwood Lake Day/night show, and this question came to mind. Since the Geico Skytypers renaned themselves "Skytypers Airshow Team" before Greenwood Lake after they lost their sponsorship with Geico and lost their 3, (I sadly saw Andy Travenick's last airshow ever) would I make a new "airline" named "Skytypers Airshow Team" or would I put "Private" as the aircraft was apart of the Skytypers Airshow Team until the show ended and they disbanded the day after I believe. Or would I out Private as it's currently owned by an individual. OR would I put their new name of Chris Thomas and who ever the lead pilot was (Can't find his name anywhere) their new name is Warbird Thunder Airshows, would I make that?

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    Thanks for asking. I suggest to have the new airline requested and upload it as such, IF the main purpose of all those planes is still to act as an airshow team.
    Even though you've seen it as solo visitor in this specific show. (it could be spotted on its way to a maintenance facility any time, and still be part of the team).
    The actual owners might be individuals but my guess is this was the case before they renamed (and not only applying to Skytypers but likely to other display aircraft anywhere else).
    IF they perform under two separate names (for solo and in the team) it might become confusing indeed. I'd have no idea how to play this. With two "airlines" on one aircraft, it becomes messy at times :-/