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Prescreening - aircraft registrations data

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  • Prescreening - aircraft registrations data

    Dear colleagues,

    preparing in the near future to upload these two microlights photos (both not yet postprocessed) - Legend 600 on floats and TL-2000 Sting. Both are unregistered, during the time of taking photos were on temporary multiple marks Legend 600 as OK-SUS 62 and TL-2000 as OK-KUU 81. The registrations are not painted on these planes. The Legend had it when was tested on paper behind the window (see the attached screen) and the TL-2000 I do not remember but perhaps only from left side painted on fuselage or on aircraft id small sticker on cabin door or sticker on cockpit desk. Anyway its identity is confirmed from Air Britain report on this event. The plane was later exported somewhere. Can anybody advice or recommend how to upload them with correct info about the reg., if the multiple test marks will be accepted or must be there "no reg." etc. ? I had similar problem with some french and italian microlights but their regs. are usually painted from the bottom of their wings. Any info welcomed and thanks ! Vaclav
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    Vaclav, good job on extracting data. Icing on the cakes (when sneaking around) is a shot of the data plate. This way, the MSN is likely secured as well.

    I suggest to upload with the reg as you have seen it and sorta evidence is available. The comment to screeners would explain exactly this particular situation: e.g. "I identified the plane visually and have strong indication (eg. cardbord sign, dataplate, underwing markings,... ). I will send the beer to Mirko."