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Incorrect Bad Info rejection

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  • Incorrect Bad Info rejection

    The rejected photo:
    Reason for rejection: Bad Info: Serial Number/CN

    The screener left a comment "Please do not change the data of the autofill". I used the Auto fill at first to let it fill in most of the data, then I verified those data again and I found that the MSN filled in (87723) is in the shorted form of the full MSN (79810387723). So I replaced that Auto filled MSN with the full MSN, which is accurate and has been verified by an Air Force service member. database also provides 5 digits MSN only and I am going to send an update to them later. I appealed the photo with good explanation, but a screener rejected it and said that he agreed with the rejection reason I mentioned above. I just want to provide the most accurate information of the aircraft to the photo viewers.

    Can an administrator or a screener check my photo again? I don't really want to re-upload the photo and provide incomplete information of the aircraft from the Auto fill for the viewers. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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    Photo will be accepted.

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