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Qatar Airways - FIFA World Cup titels - special scheme or not?

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  • Qatar Airways - FIFA World Cup titels - special scheme or not?

    Hi Screeners,
    do I need to tick the box for Special Scheme for the Qatar Aircrafts with World Cups titles?


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    If you have a shot, that is apparently a special scheme, why would you not tick it?
    I suppose, that such a checkbox would not cause rejection for bad info as screener can simply tick it for you, but I guess that you should try to provide as much correct info as you can just to avoid any unnecessary screening prolonging.


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      b) Civil Aircraft
      Special scheme should only be checked for aircraft whose livery differs extensively from the standard fleet colour scheme. Typical examples are “Star Wars", "Hibiscus" or Retro Jets. Aircraft with large stickers to celebrate the 100th or 500th plane delivered, also count. Same with advertising stickers if large or advertising schemes, these do qualify for Special Scheme selection.

      According to the guidelines, even ads and large stickers do count as special, I suppose, that most of the championship liveries are recognizable enough. So most of them should count, however, also in a case, that you are really not 100% sure, whether some checkbox does fit or not, you can use the comment to screeners, where you can explain that you are not sure about it so they can correct if not correct. I do use that when I'm not 100% sure about vintage or special scheme and never had a problem with it.


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        According to the search the A/C is being marked as special.
        The filter contains A7-BEB and a special scheme.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_5082.png Views:	0 Size:	81.6 KB ID:	1151792


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          Originally posted by AKH
          I want to avoid a Bad Info rejection, therefore my question to the screeners.
          First of all, They don’t reject a photo if the category is incorrectly selected. Also, it’s not bad info, it’s called “category wrong or missing”.