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Airport Info Corrections #2

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  • Airport Info Corrections #2


    As what I posted in the previous thread wasn't noticed by anyone, I'm starting a new topic. If necessary you could make them as one. Thx.
    Taiyuan-Wusu - ZBYN would be better as Taiyuan Wusu International Airport - ZBYN
    Datong - ZBDT would be better as Datong Yungang Airport - ZBDT
    Anqing - ZSAQ would be better as Anqing Tianzhushan Airport - ZSAQ
    Nanjing - ZSNJ would be better as Najing Lukou International Airport - ZSNJ
    Xingtai Dailian - ZBXT should be Xingtai Dalian Airport - ZBXT
    There are two Yancheng Nanyang Airport. The one with 'ZYNZ' should be deleted, as the ICAO is wrong.
    There are two Dongying Shengli Airport. The one with 'Dong Ying' should be deleted, as the spelling is wrong in grammar.
    There are two Yan'an Nanniwan Airport. The one with 'Yan An' should be deleted, due to the same reason.

    Btw, I apologize for my mistake. In the former post I made one ICAO wrong. It should be Anyang Hongqiqu Airport - ZHAY. The others are correct. Really sorry for that. I will double check before my later posts.

    Thanks for your effort!

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    Not noticed? I made all the corrections you requested....

    Like I did these now. Brgds
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      Originally posted by ErwinS View Post
      Not noticed? I made all the corrections you requested....
      All right! Thank you so much and best regards