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Wrong registrations correction request

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  • Wrong registrations correction request

    Hello Dear JP Crew.

    There are some Pictures not showing on flightradar24 due the registration on the JP database is different than the Flightradar24 which is the correct.

    This image here: ( ) If you search information online, all you will find, says the registration is EJC-1109 with a middle dash as clearly shown on the airframe, and they usually use as callsign theyr registration but without the dash, and that the way its filled as the aircraft registration actually on JP (EJC1109)... i wrote a mail to the database correction team with a particular request to change this picture info from EJC1109 to EJC-1109. and i got a possitive reply with the solution of the problem, and hours after it was showing correctly on Flightradar24... But days after it got changed back to the first and wrong registration without the middle dash and it removed the picture from the aircraft information at flight radar.
    ( )

    Same thing is happening this image here: ( ) all website containing information about this aircraft says the registration is with a middle dash ( EJC-1111) and also in the airframe you we can clearly see its with the middle dash.
    ( )

    Same thing is happening to every aircraft of this airline fleet ( Colombia - Army ) ( EJC )... all filled without the middle dash, contraty to any online information available about those aircrafts.

    Hope you can help me out with this in order to show the available pictures on JP of all those aircrafts which are not showing on flightradar24 due having a wrong registration.