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  • New aircraft tipe added

    Hello to all the crew
    yesterday I asked to be able to enter a new aircraft model not present in the database.
    Precisely: Eidgenössischen Konstruktionswerkstätten Häfeli DH-3.
    At the moment I have not received any notifications of acceptance or rejection.
    Could you tell me how much time passes before the request is considered?
    I ask because in the past I have never been notified of a rejection, so I have a doubt that this time too it happened.
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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    having passed a few days, I repeat the question and I apologize in advance if I insist. I'm stuck for a new upload.
    Thank you.


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      I am honestly surprised by the lack of response to my question.
      Generally I've always had valid help but in this case no help has arrived (besides no feedback via e-mail about the insertion).