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How to make the location of the airport "Other Location".

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  • T.S
    Thank you for your answer.

    I will try it once.

    I will ask again if I don't understand.

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  • ramimz
    1. On AUTO FILL - - > enter A/C Reg, and RJAA for Narita Airport,
    after that click Auto-Fill

    2. on LOCATION click on "Tokyo Narita Int'l Airport - RJAA" windows,
    and in the open box, enter the word "other", and choose Other Location.

    3. in the small box under the Other Location, enter "Gunma Heliport"

    Good Luck.

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  • How to make the location of the airport "Other Location".

    Always we are indebted.
    I have a question and will post it.

    When uploading photos, I think that you will enter information such as airport information.
    I would like to set it to "Other Location - Gunma Heliport, Japan", but how should I operate it?

    Sorry for my poor English, but thank you for your reply.