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Date Change for older scanned or copied slides

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  • Date Change for older scanned or copied slides

    A few years ago it was possible to change photograph dates, but for obvious reasons (date cheaters) this has been stopped. The system seems to pick up the EXIF date and you cannot change this.

    A have a problem with old slides where I can identify the year and sometimes the month a photo was taken, but not the actual day. It is possible to submit a photo with a full date but not just a year or year/ month. Is there any way a date can be entered as 00/11/1975 i.e unknown day, Month November, Year 1975

    The only way I think this can be done is by requesting a date change in a forum

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    Afaik you can always fill in a date manually.
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      Thank you Erwin

      I have done some dates testing today, I can manually fill in a complete date i.e 1972-01-01 but there is no way to enter 1972-00-00 that I can find.

      In the past I could submit a photo with just the year, no month or day

      For example my photo in the database, number 8256836 of Boeing 707 YU-AGD has a photo date of 1972-00-00.

      I have several old slide photos I would like to submit where the year can be identified but not the day or month.

      Not sure how to proceed here as it feels wrong to just give a best estimate date. The system of being able to just give the known year worked for me.