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Do new propellers qualify as hot?

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  • Do new propellers qualify as hot?

    Many C-130H models are slowly being upgraded to 8-blade props instead of the old 4-blade props. For upgrades like this, would the first photo with the change qualify as hot?

    In this example 96-7323 also happens to be a special livery, and the livery changed slightly with the upgrade as the prop hub is now black instead of the yellow and black checkered pattern. Would this change alone qualify it as hot since the livery changed, even if it still had the old props?

    First photo is 7323 with the old 4-blade configuration Jan 2022.
    Second photo is 7323 with the new 8-blade config Feb 2023.
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    No, this shouldn't, it's just an equipment change. Note that it's also about common sense. Hot photos are one of the main reasons for a long queue. If you're looking to help us and the whole JP community then avoid selecting pics as hot for such minor changes.
    Thank you