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Unknown Registration of a DH9 stored at a museum

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  • Unknown Registration of a DH9 stored at a museum

    Hello, I found out that there is a DH9 aircraft from WWI times that is present in a museum in Bikaner, India, it is made using the parts of aircrafts that weren't in flying condition so they combined all the working parts to make it airworthy, the problem is though, there is no registration painted on the aircraft, and neither in any records that I tried to find on the internet;
    So, my question is, how can we upload the pictures of such aircrafts into the database?

    Though some information from a comment in a forum said this: "Of the two in the UK, the worst one has been identified as E8894 and was made by AIRCo to works number 1414 in March 1918. The better of the two is D5649 was made by Warings to works number 5649."

    the forum: De Havilland DH-9 Survivor from India | Key Aero

    Here's some more info on the aircraft:
    De Havilland DH9 at Karn Mahal – Warbirds of India

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    You can leave the reg blank. Pls leave a note for the screeners
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