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Did I catch a one-of-a-kind aircraft?

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  • Did I catch a one-of-a-kind aircraft?

    At a fly-in I attended last weekend, I photographed an open cockpit over wing homebuilt (I assumed) airplane with a registration of NX3AE. When searching that reg, along with N3AE I find that it could be either 1) a Henley A31-1B1 or 2) American Eagle Eaglet according to a pic on Flickr.

    At the RegoSearch, AirportData and FAA websites it says its an A31-1B1, but that its also the only one registered in the US(!), but w/o seeing any pics I can't be sure.

    Can anyone help in identifying what aircraft this is? Thanks
    .Click image for larger version

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    This one is a replica amateur-built aircraft, so, technically, yes it would be "one-of-a-kind."


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      Both. Kind of. The American Eagle A-31 Eaglet (and B-31/ B-32 as well) was built in the 30s. Looks just like this. Production was approximately 93 frames.

      Henley is the last name of the builder of this one. It's either a scratch built replica (made from blueprints) or rebuilt from an original A-31 (which would explain the odd designation). Apparently not the only one rebuilt and registered under a different name either.

      Felipe Garcia


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        Thanks, that would make sense. Would it be safe to say that before I upload this I should submit a form for a new manufacturer - Henley?