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Uploading Germany/France/Spain - Air Force - Please Read!

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  • Uploading Germany/France/Spain - Air Force - Please Read!

    The required format for the registration on Germany - Air Force uploads is 'xx-xx', ie 32-01.

    This is in lieu of the correct format, xx+xx. The '+' is not compatible with our script so had to be replaced.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

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    Uploading Spanish Air Force? - Please Read!

    Hi guys, the standard for Spain - Air Force uploads is X.XX-XX, for example 'C.5-175' or 'HE.25-10'. Please don't omit the full stop ('.').

    The format XX-XX written on the aircraft is the code, not the serial/registration.

    Thanks for your cooperation!


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      Uploading France - Air Force? - Please Read!

      The correct format for French Air Force aircraft registration is the all numerical AF serial number. This serial number will often match the construction number so both fields will be the same.

      The code (a combination of numbers and letters) is not to be entered into these fields, feel free to enter it in the remarks if you wish!

      Thank you!


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        Please do also remember to tick the cargo category when uploading military transporters like C-130 and so on.

        Soren Madsen

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          For the Brazil Air Force the correct upload format is

          FABXXXX with XXXX being the 4 digit code usually found on the tail of the aircraft.
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