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Bad Info - Aircraft / Registration / Serial Number

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  • More Terrafugia Category Questions

    Thanks for the quick reply, AJ, but my confusion starts before that point. Should I use "General Aviation", "Manufacturer", or "Other"? And then, which subcategory?

    Again, the plane is the prototype and displays the manufacturer's name (Terrafugia) in several places. I submitted Terrafugia as a manufacturer under the "Aircraft" menus. Do I need to do the same under "Airline"?

    Thanks again,


    • Just as a manufacturer is fine.


      • N Regs


        N reg vintage aircraft / warbirds often carry NCxxxx or NLxxx etc but the FAA database normally ignores this 2nd letter. I have uploaded a P51C which carries NL61429 but is actually N61429 and this is what I used as the reg so I was quite surprised to receive a rejection for 'bad info - registration'. I have appealled this rejection as I believe the screener made a genuine error - there are plenty of aircraft carrying NL & NC regs that are shown as Nxxxx


        • Hi Paul, the database standard is to list them as it appears on the aircraft. Please include NL or NC.


          • AJ, thanks for that - is it a recent change ? as there are quite a few aircraft carrying NC & NL in the database already but the info shows N- only. The FAA database also ignores the 2nd letter and to me should be the ultimate authority on how N- are displayed.


            • They are valid, just not supported in the online database. It only applies to pre-1948 aircraft:
              These airworthiness indicators were; "C" for standard, "R" for restricted, "X" for experimental, and later an "L" for limited, (for example, NC1234). This was standard until December 31, 1948, when aircraft registered for the first time were required to display identification marks consisting of only the Roman capital letter "N" followed by the registration number.


              • AJ - what about new build aircraft like P51's? etc these often carry NC or NL yet were built in the last few years. At EAA this year there was a 2004 built replica of a Stearman 4E - it was carrying a NX reg (NX623YT iirc) yet is a new airframe and appears in FAA database as such. Just trying to get my head around this situation which has not been an issue (for me) before.


                • Best way is to list it as it appears on the aircraft.


                  • AA 386 ORD-LGA Rego reqd

                    Hi all,

                    Greetings from India. I'm looking to upload an Interior Shot of an AA MD-8X aircraft. But i'm absolutely clueless about the Rego. The Flt was operated as AA 386 ORD-LGA on 07/22/2008. Can anybody suggest how to go about with the upload? Is it fine if i put N***** in the Reg field?

                    Thanks in advance.

                    - Rutvij.


                    • Quote from the upload guideline:

                      If you do not have the reg info please leave the reg box blank examples such as - G-BM??, N4*****, UNKNOWN and so on will not be accepted.

                      In your case, the flight was operated by N9629H
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                      • Reg

                        I've got a window shot from southwest flight 1196 MDW to IAD on the 31st of Oct but I forgot to look at the Reg # of the aircraft. Is there a web site I can go to find out what reg was used that day. Everything I have found just shows the aircraft type.




                        • Any idea of the PP-XVM construction number ?
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                          • Originally posted by Melvin Pereira View Post
                            Any idea of the PP-XVM construction number ?

                            The screener left you a link to obtain it:
                            A Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), uma das agências reguladoras federais do País, foi criada para regular e fiscalizar as atividades da aviação civil e a infraestrutura aeronáutica e aeroportuária no Brasil. Instituída em 2005, começou a atuar em 2006 substituindo o Departamento de Aviação Civil (DAC). É uma autarquia federal de regime especial e está vinculada ao Ministério da Infraestrutura. As ações da ANAC se enquadram nas atividades de certificação, fiscalização, normatização e representação institucional.


                            • I got it (50500004) thx for the screener comment and the link.. I really appreciate it..

                              Yeah yeah... I got the email later....

                              Muchas gracias......
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                              • I attended the NBAA 2009 and there were several "mock ups". I got this plane at the Piaggio Stand showing the REG N180PA . However, checking the FAA website that REG belongs to an old Piper. How can I upload this Piaggio Mock Up ?

                                Thx, Melvin