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    Originally posted by mnazarinia
    Hi All,
    Is the category of something like VH-XSA or even VH-BOB Warbird and also small prop?

    I think you should only tick the Warbird category in reference to the category thread you can find here:


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      Yes only warbird category and civilian genre. Thanks


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        Thanks all.


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          EG&G - 'Janet Airlines'


          No surprise here - I'm confused. Here's why - In Vegas where I live we have airplanes that fly out to the top-secret (yep, top-secret!) Area 51. I have plenty of photos of them in the data base. I always upload them at 'Military' for the Genre.

          Today, I had one rejected for 'Genre' Here's the link:


          Here is info from FAA:

          Registered Owner (for N5175U)

          PO BOX 1504
          LAYTON State UTAH Zip Code 84041-6504

          I appealled the photo with basically the explaination above. My appeall got rejected. Here's the explaination from the Screener:

          'Your appeal for photo id 1824098 has been processed and has been rejected.
          Admin Comments >> this a/c has a civil reg and needs the \"civilian\" genre.'

          Is not the Department of the Air Force Military in nature?

          Take care,


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            Let me investigate it further please Brad.


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              Ok, thanks AJ. By the way, while I was writing that post, I had an EG&G photo that was in the queue marked as 'Military' get accepted.


              Take care,


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                Thanks mate.

                From what I can establish the USAF does own the aircraft, however they are operated by a defence contractor, being EG&G under the nickname Janet Airlines.

                To follow our guidelines info is listed as the Operator, which being EG&G means a civilian company, therefore civilian genre!


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                  Hi AJ,

                  Thanks for the quick response and an answer that is more difinitive. Well, in the future when uploading 'Janet', I'll check the 'Civillian' box instead of 'Military' and if they get rejected for 'Genre', I'll just refer my rejecting screener to this thread. Thanks again for your time and hope all is well...

                  Take care,


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                    Regarding a cockpit photo of a B-17, I got rejected for genre and category. The auto-fill came up with military. It has a civilian reg#, so is it not supposed to be military? Now I'm confused. Also for genre, I checked cockpit but I'm guessing I should also check "warbird"?? I'm not sure if I did but I probably didn't. I wish the rejection list would include what categories/genres you selected because I'll never remember!
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                      Yeah, you should also have checked 'Warbird/Vintage' Bruce.

                      As for the B-17 in question, yes, it is now in Civilian hands on the N register.


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                        Your opinion please about this problem:

                        My latest rejections are the airlpanes of Marche Verte. They were partially rejected for wrong genre. I uploaded them as civil aircraft, because of the civil registration. I did that because I read the upload rules belonging to genres and the rule said:

                        Only two options here and the Auto-Fill should select the correct genre automatically on most occasions. The Genre is based on the current registration worn by the aircraft.

                        The registrations started with CN- ... is a civil registration. And the airplanes are standing in the civil register of Morcco

                        Nevertheless the photos were rejected. __________________


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                          If you enter CN-ABT into the database at scramble you will find the plane listed as belonging to Morocco - Air Force.

                          So, yes it is indeed a military aircraft with a civil registration, which is not that uncommon. The French do this with the Alphajets of the PdF and their A340s are also dual registered.
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                            Thanks Stefan, I shall upload them in the future as military.

                            But when I uploaded these photos I was convinced that they are civil, by the registration, but also the type. A CAP-232 is not really built as a military airplane.

                            To be sure I read the JP rule for genre and when I read this:
                            The Genre is based on the current Registration worn by the aircraft.
                            I was sure I had to choose for civil.

                            Or do I have to read the rule in a other way??


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                              As with every rule, there are always some strange exceptions.

                              Those Marche Verte are civil registered, yet belong to the Air Force of Morroco. On the other side you have planes like the P-180 of Italy´s Guardia di Financia. Operator is not an air Force, yet the plane carries a military reg and in that case it should be up-loaded as military.

                              It is impossbile to find one rule that fits all circumstances. If in doubt we are glad to help, if you ask in the forums before up-loading. It saves all sides a lot of time and frustration.
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                                KLM Skyteam plane PH-BVD, should I select the button special scheme? I think I should but don't know sure because the're some more pics already of this plane in database.
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