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Help please with correct upload data..

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  • Help please with correct upload data..

    ....for this DC3/C47 on show at the Malta Aviation Museum ?
    This pic was rejected for incorrect information and level. I've cured the level (using the doorframe upright on the hut in the right rear of the pic) but the registration to use is a bit confusing as the aircraft has had a somewhat extensive history.
    This is a shortened extract from the Museums' brochure...

    On display at the Malta Aviation Museum. Originally KN462 of 436 Sqdn RAF delivered 24th March 1945. March 1952 as G-AMPT with Eagle Aviation Ltd. Arrived in Malta 17th Feb. 1995 marked as 562381 on fin, defaced F-GILV on wing undersides and registration N48ME. Left Malta 9th March 1995 as 3C-JJN but returned with an engine fault. Re-registered as T9-ABC but never flew again. Later donated to Malta Aviation Museum in 2002.

    I agree that its last allotted reg. was T9-ABC but it was never permitted to fly with that reg. due to financial irregularities. To further confuse the matter T9-ABC is currently in use on a Bosnian Yak 42. I therefore uploaded using the last flying reg., for which it has been rejected.

    The Malta Museum website does not have a full description of this aircraft yet as the aircraft is recently new to them, although their brochure has the history details. The c/n comes from that publication and is given as 16187/32935. This may be part of the rejection reason as "Scramble" database shows the c/n for KN462 as being just 32935.

    Any help and advice greatly appreciated

    This is the picture....
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !

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    Hi Brian, I am afraid I can't help with the info. I had to comment though, I don't know if it's this screen I'm on at the moment but when I opened the image it was as if I was standing there in person, you have not only captured the image but the atmosphere as well, like it a lot.


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      Hi Brian, unfortunatley the auto-fill had some old, dud information for the Dakota. I have updated it to reflect 3C-JJN, including the converted commercial Dakota name 'DC-3C'. For now until it wears some markings please upload as 'Private'.


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        Thanks Mark for the kind comment and AJ for the info. Uploaded as requested.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !