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    Dear uploaders,

    The screening team has recently noticed that we are having lots of rejections about bad information, so to improve this I will post here some useful links.

    I let us know that even the auto-fill is a good tool it does not mean that the provided information is correct so it is only up to the photographer check if the fields were filled properly or not. We don't and won't accept appeals with 'I used the auto-fill so why you reject me this picture?'

    Please use this link as information source for civilian aircrafts:

    This one for the deliveries (above one also works in most of cases):

    Please use this link as information source for military aircrafts:

    If even after try the previous links, a fast google search or here:
    the information is not found, please let us know this via remark to screener.

    Thank you all for helping to build a more consistent data base and a faster screening process.

    Best regards,
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