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Finding registrations for replicas/vintage etc.

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  • Finding registrations for replicas/vintage etc.

    Hi all
    I was recently at the Biggin Hill airshow and I've got a few pics of some replicas and vintage aircraft I'd like to upload. Looking at some other pics from there I saw that a lot of them have civilian registrations. Where a photo exists already in the database I've been able to upload but I was wondering how I would find out the reg of some others like this one for example.

    I don't know the types of some of the aircraft I shot so I'm a bit stuck. Any advice appreciated.

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    I'm not sure if it's the same in Europe, but in the States most Warbirds have the real registration (n number) in very small font just below the tail section. It can be very hard to see.


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      I've scanned the pics as best I can and I haven't been able to see a civilian reg unfortunately. Thanks


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        Any ex millitary aeroplane in the uk is allowed not to wear their civillian registration with permission from the relative air force. The aircraft shown is a Boers Flybaby masquarding as a Junkers C11. I cant find the registration at the moment but i will find it for you.


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          Here its should be this one, G-BUYU:

          There is a second one here:

          They both fly together as an airshow piece. Sometimes vintage aircraft can be hard to id or find a registration for so i think if people post them in the forums someone here will be able to help you. Or contact me by private message/email and i will try to help you.

          Checkedyour photo against the one on the CAA website and its actualy the second one G-BNVP.


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            Excellent. Thanks for your help Olli. I'll PM you with some others soon if you don't mind.


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              Originally posted by robw
              Excellent. Thanks for your help Olli. I'll PM you with some others soon if you don't mind.
              Of course i dont mind, Its a pleasure to help. If you would prefer to email me my adress is oliver.overthefence at googlemail dot com.