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Finding construction numbers for USCG aircraft

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  • Finding construction numbers for USCG aircraft

    Where can I find construction numbers for United States Coast Guard aircraft?

    This is what I'm looking for:

    Sikorsky HH-60J Jayhawk

    Registration number 6036

    I can't find anything on the FAA site. Is there somewhere else I can find military cn's?


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    I think there's a thread on this at the top of the forum (not sure though). The FAA doesn't have any info for military aircraft or aircraft that aren't registered in the United States. For military aircraft, you'll need to go to then to the military database. Pic United States Coast Guard from the "American Air forces" dropdown menu and you should be able to take it from there.


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      Wow, what a tough one. Despite disagreements on Scramble it would appear that it is ex-164820 with the USN however I cannot find a CN anywhere!


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        I suppose you could upload with a note to the screeners that you searched for the c/n and couldn't find it.


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          Correct! Upload it with a note to screeners.

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            I usually use a book (yes, you have to buy it!) published by Mach III in UK titled "United States Air Forces Directory". This gives c/n's for just about every type in the US inventory.

            However, and there's always a but, sometimes the list is incomplete. As is the case with the HH-60J's of the USCG. Some are listed but sadly 6036 isn't. However, the BuAer No is 164823 which may help you find it.

            Another publication which may have the info is either Jp Helicopters or Buchair helicopters, I'm not sure which it is as I don't have a copy. Someone else, who is also a number cruncher, might be able to help


            PS: I also checked on "Scramble" but they don't know the c/n either. Couldn't you take a picture of one that IS known? LOL!
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              Thanks to everyone. I did a search on Scramble, to no avail. I did find the BuAer number but wasn't sure if it was the correct cn. I will take your suggestions and upload with a note to the screeners.