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A Quick Reference Guide to Categories

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  • Dmmoore
    Originally posted by AJ
    Not at all confusing Don, hopefully the uploader has spent a little bit research on the type. The Beech 18 and all the types you listed are all "Warbird/Vintage".
    Just to give you a hard time:

    One of the Beech 18's I personally flew in 1965 / 67 was built in 1957. The owner picked it up new from the factory. There wasn't a military mark on it. I took to to Volpar where it was converted into a Tri-Gear Beech 18. I flew it a lot less after that as the owner could land it by himself after that.

    Another was built in 1939 Also a Beech 18, civilian however it was converted to C-45 configuration during the war and back to Beech 18 (up graded to S model) after the war.

    Not that it matters, its all in the eye of the beholder.

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  • AJ
    Not at all confusing Don, hopefully the uploader has spent a little bit research on the type. The Beech 18 and all the types you listed are all "Warbird/Vintage".

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  • Dmmoore
    Several versions of the Twin Beech (AKA Tin Bitch) that were military C-45, AT-11, AT17 (Army), CU45-J and SNB-1 (Navy) These were Warbirds / Classic.

    The Beach 18 is the civilian version that was produced until 1969.

    Confusing, isn't it?

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  • Brenden S
    Aj any chance to send a email to everyone who uploads to make it common knowledge?

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  • AJ
    Ollie, please do not create your own list. My list does not include the blatantly obvious as I do not want it to be five pages long.

    If you wish for something added to the master list please ask!

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  • AJ
    started a topic A Quick Reference Guide to Categories

    A Quick Reference Guide to Categories

    Below is a list giving examples of the categories applied to or not applied to various types. The aircraft below cause the most confusion. The list is not exhaustive but can act as a guide when uploading.

    Please feel free to request additions or amendments to this list.

    Aérospatiale/British Aircraft Corportation Concorde - "Warbird/Vintage"

    Airbus CJ - All Models "Business Jet"

    Airbus A400M - "Cargo Aircraft"

    Air Tractor - All Models "Small Prop"

    Alenia C-27J Spartan - "Cargo"

    Antonov An-2 - "Warbird/Vintage" - exception is the new AN-2-100 featuring a turboprop engine

    Auster - All Models "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Autogyros - All Models "Small Prop" and "Helicopter"

    Basler BT-67 - no categories (turboprop version of the DC-3)

    Beech 1900 - No Categories.

    Beech 18 - "Warbird/Vintage"

    Beechcraft Bonanza/Baron/Travel Air - "Small Prop"

    Beechcraft King Air - No Categories

    Beechcraft D17S Staggerwing - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Beechcraft Starship 2000 - No Categories

    Beechcraft T-1A Jayhawk - "Business Jet"

    Boeing Stearman/Kaydet - All Models "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Boeing BBJ - All Models "Business Jet"

    Boeing (MDC) C-17 - "Cargo Aircraft"

    British Aerospace Jetstream 31 - No Categories

    Britten-Norman Islander/Trilander - "Small Prop"

    Cessna L-19 and Cessna 305C Bird Dog - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Cessna 140 - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Cessna 208 - "Small Prop"

    Cessna 300/400 Series (Including Conquests) - "Small Prop"

    Cessna 441 - "Small Prop"

    Consolidated Catalina (and all subversions) - "Warbird/Vintage"

    Convair 240 through 5800 - "Warbird/Vintage"

    De Havilland Rapide and Dragon Rapide - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    De Havilland Canada Beaver/Otter - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter - No Categories

    Douglas DC-2/3/4/6/7 - "Warbird/Vintage"

    Embraer Tucano - "Small Prop"

    Embraer EMB-121 Xingú - No categories

    Fairchild M-62 - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Grumman Widgeon/Mallard/Albatross - "Warbird/Vintage"

    Gyrocopters/Autogyros - "Small Prop" and "Helicopter"

    Klemm Kl-35D - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Lockheed L-188 Electra - "Warbird/Vintage"

    Lockheed Galaxy - "Cargo Aircraft"

    Lockheed Hercules - "Cargo Aircraft"

    Lockheed 104 Starfighter - "Vintage/Warbird"

    Lockheed Starlifter - "Cargo Aircraft"

    Luscombe 8 - "Small prop"and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15/Mig-17 - "Vintage/Warbird"

    North American Mustang - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    North American T-6 Texan - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    North American F-86 Sabre - "Vintage/Warbird"

    Partenavia PN.68 and AP.68TP-600 Viator - "Small Prop"

    Piaggio Avanti - No Categories

    Pilatus PC-7/9/12 - "Small Prop"

    Piper Cub/Grasshopper/Pacer/Colt - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Piper PA-23/24/25/28/32/46 - "Small Prop"

    Piper PA-30/31/34/42/44/60 - All models "Small Prop"

    Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II - "Small Prop"

    Short Tucano. - "Small Prop"

    Socata TBM series - "Small Prop"

    Spartan 7W Executive - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Supermarine Spitfire - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Swearingen SA226-T Merlin - No Categories

    Yak 18 - "Small Prop" and "Warbird/Vintage"

    Yak 52 - "Small Prop"
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