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Special scheme or not?

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  • Special scheme or not?

    This are the upload guidelines for special schemes:

    b) Civil Aircraft
    Special scheme should only be checked for aircraft whose livery differs extensively from the standard fleet colour scheme. Typical examples are "Shamu", "Hibiscus" or Retro Jets. Aircraft with large stickers to celebrate the 100th or 500th plane delivered, also count. Same with advertising stickers if large or advertising schemes, these do qualify for Special Scheme selection.

    Hybrids or plain white aircraft do not count as Special Scheme

    What about the Star Alliance- colours and/or the BA-World colours from the beginning of the this century?

    Today, I had a photo rejected for some other reason, but with screeners comment: "BA World colours are not special scheme, as they were common in those days".
    At the same time other pics of mine were accepted, showing other BA-aircrafts in World-colours, with "special scheme" marked.

    Maybe somebody can clear this up, as I am confused now, what is special and what is not.


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    Topic was moved by the moderators.

    Anyone who can advise me with this question?



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      Star Alliance is special scheme, the BA World multi colour tails are not. They are considered as being part of the standard BA scheme of the time, even though each tail was different.

      If some BA Worlds got in with special scheme selected then they crept past the screeners.
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        Clear to me now!

        Thank you Brian.