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Important change for photos taken at undisclosed locations

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  • Important change for photos taken at undisclosed locations

    In the past we had some uploads of photos taken at military airports, where the exact location could not be disclosed out of security reasons. While we really want to have such photos in the db, they could only be uploaded with "location: Unknown", which is misleading.

    We introduced a change for uploads taken at airports which can't be disclosed out of security reasons. The changes are marked in red.

    1.1.2 Airport Codes

    You will need to enter the relevant 4 letter airport code in the box provided. An easy way to find this code is to use the drop down menu on the home page search area where you see “Select Country/Airport” scroll down to the airport required.

    When uploading airport overview pics the 4 letter code is to be entered in both the registration & airport code boxes.

    If the airport you need is not in the menu, or auto-fill, please complete this form to request it be added. Invalid location data is cause for immediate rejection of your photos!

    If the location is not an airport, you may use the Other Location option using this form
    NOTE: The use of the Other Location for an airport will cause the photo to be rejected. If the airport is not listed, please use the New Airport form.

    If you are not allowed to give full details for the location (for example for sensible military airports) you have to use the "other location" feature as follows:
    "Other location - undisclosed"

    In such cases, uploads with location = "Unknown" will be rejected.
    More infos:
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