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What happens if you don't know the airplane's registration?

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  • What happens if you don't know the airplane's registration?

    Hi folks,

    I was spotting at San Diego and I tried a new spot, where all I got was a direct photo of the airplane belly. I do not know the registration number. What should I put in the registration field?


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    Nothing. Leave the registration field blank on the photo upload page. From the Detailed Upload Guidelines:

    If you do not have the reg info please leave the reg box blank examples such as - G-BM??, N4*****, UNKNOWN and so on will not be accepted.

    Please sure make you've exhausted all opportunities to discover the registration before giving up. Are there any numbers visible on the nose gear door, fuselage, or tail? These fleet numbers if visible make ID'ing the aircraft very easy in the case of an invisible reg.
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