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  • Bad info

    I hope that some members of this forum have some pity on me.

    This is my sad story. I uploaded the following photo:

    It was after nine days in the queu rejected. Reason: - Bad Info in the following field(s): Serial Number/CN

    When I uploaded the photo I used the Auto-Fill button. I discovered that the c/n field was empty. The c/n was not in the database. So I searched on the internet and finally I found the c/n on the following site:
    and there you can read:

    British Aerospace, HAWK T2 (HAWK)
    cn: RT023/1261

    So this was the c/n I fill in.

    But according to the screener(s): this is bad info.

    On JP are two photos of the same aircraft:Photo ID: 6905026 and Photo ID: 6903209

    Both with a different c/n

    I appealed my rejection with the story I just wrote. And wit the remark that if I changed the c/n from RT023/1261 in 1261/RT023 or just in RT023 (both seems right) and uploaded the photo again I had to wait for another 9 days.

    I hoped that the adminstrator or screener would change for me the c/n, because the info was not so bad, not totally wrong.

    But the reaction on my appeal was:
    Your appeal for photo id 3100645 has been processed and has been rejected.
    Admin Comments >> I\' sorry, that you have to wait 10 days, but the infos are wrong

    I find this very sad for me.

    Meanwhile I uploaded the photo again with the right c/n, although I don't know if it is only RT023 or 1261/RT023.

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    Paul, is the recognised "Guru" site for all things military. Go there and you will find that the c/n for ZK032 is 1261/RT023 and not RT023/1261 as you listed it.

    The rejection was therefore entirely correct. And just to make it clear for yourself and others, as far as I am aware data cannot be changed in the appeal process.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      I would use the data in this photo in your upload


      The Cn accepted on this photo is 1261/RT023.
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        Originally posted by brianw999 View Post
        and not RT023/1261 as you listed it.
        Brian, As you can see I found another website with the wrong c/n, but I did not know that it was wrong. And at the time I uploaded the photo, the other two photos weren't accepted on JP. I usually search on JP itself for missing info.

        And that is all so frustrating.

        The mistake was so little, isn't it possible that the screener correct such a little mistake.

        Nevertheless there are 2 photos on JP with different c/n's and that is why I hoped that the screeners had a little bit mercy with me.

        But no.


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          Originally posted by Paul Stam View Post
          ......The mistake was so little, isn't it possible that the screener correct such a little mistake.......
          Yes, screeners can make changes but they don't have is not their responsibility to get it right first time, that is down to the photographer.
          Once the image gets into the appeal system then the appeal screener cannot change data.
          I can understand your frustration but it's all down to which screener/s you get and how fluid they are prepared to be with the rules. Correcting mistakes can cause the screening time to treble, and with a queue of 12,000, that can add a day or more to the screening of images.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Why is this thread disappeared?


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              Originally posted by Paul Stam View Post
              Why is this thread disappeared?
              It has been moved to the correct forum, "Aircraft Types and Other Photo Data".


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                Thank you, AJ


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                  Photo is now accepted. 26 august 2010.