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Greetings and Need help from admin to register new aircraft

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  • Greetings and Need help from admin to register new aircraft

    Helo friends of JP!

    It's been a pleasure to me, to be part of JP.
    Although I'm a press photographer for more than 20 years. I've shoot a lot of planes during the years just for the love of it, not intending to publish the material, now I'm gathering those pictures to upload here.
    The learning curve for me it's been a little steep, to cover all the intricate details concerning to be part of your DB. But I'm sure that I can learn fast the standards and soon have a good portfolio here. That's my goal: to share my experiences, to showcase my work, and most of all, to make friends. That share the same passion as myself.
    I've been reading this Forum for quite a while, and it's been great value for me.

    The other reason I'm contacting is to ask some admin to help me out with a new aircraft that's not yet been registered here.
    I've made an attempt but I'm afraid it will be turned out rejected, due to missing the first name of manufacturer at the other fields.
    If any admin can correct for me it should read as follows:

    Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co

    Schleicher Glider

    Schleicher ASK 21

    If not, let me try again, please.

    Thank you very much.
    Best regards.


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    Have recieved an email regarding the aircraft in DB.
    Thank you all
    Have a nice week!