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Incorrect Airport from what I chose to upload images with

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  • Incorrect Airport from what I chose to upload images with

    Good day screeners and site admins. I hope your day has been good so far.
    I have recently uploaded photos, each photo I selected the airport I took the photo at. For some reason it has uploaded them as taken at Port Elizabeth (FAPE), which is my home base where I take nearly all my photos except for the few that have been recently uploaded. I checked constantly in the queue if the data was correct and it was all entered correctly. I am not sure if it is a glitch or something else, I have requested multiple times to change the photo location of the photos that had incorrect locations on them, only one was updated. The rest remained as Port Elizabeth. I will provide the photos below and their correct location

    Below: Please change to OR Tambo (FAOR). Port Elizabeth has never had an A330-300 and I doubt it ever will, unfortunately

    Below: Please change to Brakpan (FABB). Port Elizabeth hasn't had an Albatross in years. The only one I have seen at FAPE lies on static display outside the terminal at short-term parking

    Below: I have never seen this aircraft before, taken at Brakpan (FABB)

    I really do apologize for the inconvenience screeners/site admins. I didn't report it at first as I was waiting to see if it would update or not.
    Have a nice day ahead!
    Kind Regards

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    They should be corrected
    “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”



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      Thank you very much! Have an awesome day ahead