Many people request new airports and new aircraft additions when they are already in the database. The following notes should help you to decide whether or not a request is necessary.

The first thing to do is to go to the upload page and enter the ICAO four letter code in the appropriate field. Click on autofill and if the airport is already in the database the data will appear. Do not enter the airport name as just one letter incorrect, including accents will cause the airport not to show.
If the airport data does not show then its addition needs to be requested. When requesting a new airport enter the name of the airport AND the ICAO code like this. Make sure that you correctly spell everything and preferably do not use accented letters as our software does not always recognise these.

London Heathrow - EGLL

Then enter the country...

United Kingdom

Finally, enter the ICAO code again


If you are requesting an aircraft that already has images of the type in the database then it is highly likely that the type is already in the database . Common errors are confusing Airbus Helicopters, Aérospatiale (AS prefix) and Eurocopter (EC prefix). Agusta Westland have AW prefixes. Other common errors revolve around the fact that we have some generic headings such as Homebuilt Aircraft (used for Homebuilt kits such as Vans) and some rather obvious types such as Gliding Aircraft and Ultralight Aircraft. We also have Lighter-than-Air Aircraft (balloons) and Gliding Aircraft. Be careful with your spelling and the use of numbers. For instance the Mark 9 Spitfire is written as Spitfire MkIX.

Follow these simple guidelines and we can all save each other a lot of time.
Thank you.